Electronic Soul Network’s Asian Dream Journey Documentary “Dream Three Kingdoms 2” is Officially Released

Hangzhou, China, September 05, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – With the 19th Asian Games about to begin, as one of the official esports events, “Dream Three Kingdoms 2” will feature Chinese players competing against Asian athletes on the same stage under the banner of Electric Soul Network. The Asian Dream Journey started on August 24 and […]

MEIJIAN Hosts a Plum Liqueur Tasting Event in Vancouver, Receives Rave Reviews

Vancouver, British Columbia, July 31, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – On July 19th, MEIJIAN hosted a plum liqueur tasting event in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nearly 30 domestic and international liquor experts, mixologists, and industry opinion leaders gathered to raise their glasses to this oriental delight—the Green Plum Liqueur. The tradition of steeping green plums in alcohol […]

Tell the story of China and convey Chinese taste: Meijian shines at the United Nations Chinese Language Day

The Eastern elegance contained in Chinese plum liqueur is becoming popular overseas. Paris, France, April 27, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – In the celebration of this year’s United Nations Chinese Language Day, Chinese plum liqueur brand Meijian was the only invited Chinese liquor brand to bring the charm of the Eastern culture and Chinese elegance to […]

Yiche, Tencent, 0700.HK

Yiche held a car-themed super party, which promoted the sales of 43,900 cars in August

Beijing – Yiche, China’s leading auto IT company, teamed up with China’s top TV stations to launch the “Super August 18th Car Carnival Night” on August 18.China’s leading auto manufactures and dealers participated in the event and launched a grand car promotion campaign. China’s leading car companies and car dealers participated in the event, launching […]

Tencent, 0700.HK, 700HK

Why Tencent (HKSE:0700.HK) chose the development path of social common wealth

Tencent announced a 50-billion-yuan investment to launch the “Common Wealth Special Program” 3 days ago. The money will be invested in the basic livelihood areas of Chinese society. Just four months ago, Tencent proposed its “Sustainable Social Value Innovation” strategy, with the first 50-billion-yuan invested in basic science, carbon neutrality and other cutting-edge fields. Two […]