aelf Announces Inaugural Batch of Grant Recipients for Its Groundbreaking aelevate Gaming Program

SINGAPORE – Dec 12, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – aelf, the premier high-performance layer 1 blockchain system, has publicized the initial group of grant honorees for the trailblazing aelevate gaming program. The Building Grant, the opening grant distribution of the initiative, was allocated to Field of Dreams and Wizarre Stormfights.

aelf’s Innovative aelevate Gaming Program Names Primary Batch of Grant Recipients: Field of Dreams and Wizarre Stormfights

“The reception to the avant-garde aelevate program has been tremendous, highlighting the pressing necessities to construct bridges over the hindrances faced by gaming workshops aspiring to participate in the Web3 gaming domain. At its essence, aelevate is devised to empower gaming studios, enabling them to harness blockchain’s potentialities and furnishing them with a novel and supplementary revenue archetype,” remarked Linda Ang, Head of Strategy at aelf.

She appends, “Both established Web2 gaming workshops and fledglings to the gaming industry can utilize the extensive reinforcement proposed through aelevate. With Field of Dreams and Wizarre Stormfights acceding to aelf’s aelevate program, we anticipate contributing to their Web3 passage, supporting them as they intensify their impression in the blockchain gaming industry.”

Officiating as the portal for gaming workshops to Web3, aelevate supplies financial sustenance and technological and business assistance to successful candidates. The inaugural grant distribution, the Building Grant, is devoted to aiding applicants in constructing on aelf’s sidechain and coalescing diverse dApps on the blockchain, encompassing aelf’s incubated account abstraction wallet and NFT dais for the proficient launch and administration of in-game NFTs.

“Our expedition at FOD is to supercharge fantasy sports via Web3. We are thrilled to be cooperating with AELF and be a component of their inaugural aelevate program. We aspire to be a fragment of the ecosystem and collaborate with all the partners in conferring a robust fantasy sports know-how to fans globally,” shared Rich, Cofounder of Field of Dreams.

Chris Chodakowski, Founder of Wizarre Stormfights, said “We are proud and fervent about our alliance with aelf; it signifies a bold stride towards the prospective of web3 gaming. By harnessing the potentialities of an avant-garde chain, we’re accosting scalability matters and unlocking unparalleled efficiency. Opting for aelf over archetypal chains is not just a preference; it’s a pledge to a dynamic, pioneering ecosystem that will catapult our games to new zeniths.”

The games’ comprehensive assimilation on the aelf blockchain aims to elevate the gaming trial. By constructing on aelf, the games can ensure augmented security, foster novel revenue archetypes and player-driven economies, and intensify player engagement through the creation and oversight of unique and verifiable in-game assets.

The primary surge of aelevate’s grant recipients includes:

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams (FOD) is a free-to-play fantasy sports dais with the goal of enabling cross-league and cross-sport interplay and fabricating a community-driven trial while dismantling the hindrances of traditional fantasy sports.

Through aelevate, aelf will sustain FOD to unlock new possibilities for players in the world of fantasy sports. FOD will introduce its blockchain-native basketball fantasy game fully erected on aelf’s sidechain. Notably, the game’s indispensable power-ups, integral for invigorating team strategizing, will be tradable as NFTs on aelf, alongside FOD’s Genesis power-ups collection. Portkey, aelf’s incubated account abstraction wallet, will be the primary login service, sustaining power-up NFTs and the prospective $FOD token on aelf.

Wizarre Stormfights

Wizarre Stormfights is poised to redefine RPG auto battlers. With aelf’s reinforcement, the game will be developed on aelf’s sidechain, featuring dynamic NFTs for in-game characters and items, permitting players to showcase their upgrades. Portkey, aelf’s incubated account abstraction wallet, will function as the foremost login service, providing a seamless trial for players. Forest, aelf’s primary marketplace, will foster a flourishing economy for Wizarre Stormfights, proffering a new revenue archetype for the team.

The trailblazing aelevate program will proclaim additional grant recipients soon and is pledged to facilitating gaming studios’ seamless shift into the dynamic Web3 domain and expediting the maturation of blockchain games.

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