Allins Paves the Future of Multi-Chain NFT Trading with Upcoming AMM Launch and Pioneering Operation Standards

SINGAPORE – Dec 20, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – As blockchain adoption accelerates exponentially in 2023, the non-fungible token (NFT) market is simultaneously experiencing its own hockey stick growth trajectory. However, despite surging mainstream interest, critical infrastructure limitations around multi-chain interoperability, asset security, and trading convenience have prevented the NFT ecosystem from realizing its full disruptive potential.

Enter Allins, an ambitious new platform on a mission to fundamentally transform NFT exchange through its multi-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) model and suite of robust trading functionality enhancements. With phase 1 of its roadmap set to rollout imminently, Allins is positioned to elevate the NFT trading landscape to new heights.

Kicking off the platform’s ambitious roadmap is the launch of Allins Swap in December 2023, marking the advent of AMM-based NFT trading on BNB Chain. This launch will convert native BSC NFTs into ERC-721 standard Allins Tokens to enable effortless cross-chain swaps powered by Allins’ advanced AMM contracts.

In 2024, Allins plans to cement its position as the premier multi-chain NFT trading venue by introducing pioneering security standards aimed at fortifying asset integrity both on its native bridge and across external blockchain networks. These rigorous measures around deployment, minting, transfers and other complex interactions will serve as an industry security benchmark that encourages wider adoption by peer platforms.

Rounding out phase 1 is the early-2024 rollout of Allins VM, facilitating NFT transfers across EVM chains, plus expanding support to non-EVM networks like Bitcoin and Solana. This realizes the grand vision of a unified, borderless and secure NFT swapping mechanism for traders of all types.

“As blockchain continues maturing, the NFT community needs solutions that address persistently fragmented liquidity, asset vulnerability and inadequate trading tools,” said Allins co-founder John Smith. “Our roadmap will set higher expectations around critical safety and convenience features that drive this industry toward its boundless potential.”

From pioneering multi-chain NFT swaps to architecting robust exchange standards adoption, Allins represents the next-generation platform positioned to accelerate inclusion, cement security assurances, and fulfill the promise of seamless NFT trading functionality as web3 scales globally.




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