American Bitcoin Brokerage River Upgrades Beneficiary Offering to Enable Seamless Digital Asset Inheritance

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Dec9, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – The U.S.-based Bitcoin financial services company River ( has recently announced a major upgrade to its beneficiary offering feature that allows clients to designate heirs to inherit the Bitcoin assets held in their River accounts. This move aims to provide River clients with an easy and straightforward way to ensure their hard-earned Bitcoin wealth can securely pass onto the next generation.

Under the upgraded beneficiary feature that is included for all River users at no extra cost, clients can now designate beneficiaries or inheritors of their Bitcoin assets directly through the River app or website with just a few clicks. The revamped process has been designed to be extremely quick and convenient while also letting users specify multiple beneficiaries with customized allocation percentages if desired.

River has emphasized that enabling seamless inheritance for digital assets like Bitcoin is especially crucial given the meteoric growth many clients have enjoyed in 2023 – with Bitcoin portfolios surging over 160%. By leveraging River’s upgraded system, investors can have peace of mind that their beneficiaries will be able to conveniently inherit these valuable assets in the case of unexpected life events.

On December 8th, 2023, River rolled out this upgraded Bitcoin beneficiary capability that aims to set the new standard for secure and reliable digital asset inheritance in the Bitcoin financial services space. With strong client demand for such inheritance solutions to further accelerate Bitcoin mass adoption, River has focused its latest feature updates entirely on simplifying the beneficiary designation process.

Some other key advantages offered by River’s cutting-edge Bitcoin beneficiary feature include:

The ability to complete the entire beneficiary designation process online quickly

Free access to the feature for all River account holders

Dedicated customer support by phone to assist with any questions

By removing friction points from designating account inheritors, River looks to promote further Bitcoin adoption and education around the digital asset’s powerful, inherent estate planning capabilities. As consumer demand for smooth digital asset inheritance solutions accelerates globally, River’s upgraded offering helps position it as an ideal one-stop platform for investing in and securing one’s Bitcoin wealth.

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