Chainlink and zkSync Join Forces to Propel Mainstream Usage of ZK Technology Through Sustainable Scalability Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO – Dec 13, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – With great excitement, Matter Labs and Chainlink Labs announced a landmark partnership today that promises to unlock a new wave of innovation, use cases, and adoption for zero-knowledge (ZK) technology and the Ethereum ecosystem at large.

At the core of this collaboration lies Chainlink SCALE, an initiative focused on providing sustainable scaling solutions to layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain networks. By participating in SCALE, zkSync will gain increased access to Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle networks and data feeds, further reducing operating costs and future-proofing scalability.

What this allows is for zkSync, Matter Lab’s blazing fast ZK rollup network, to realize the full decentralization and security benefits of Ethereum while cost-effectively powering high-throughput applications capable of supporting millions of users. It also grants zkSync developers access to a diverse array of oracle services to build next-generation Web3 apps offering unparalleled utility to people across the world.

Marco Cora, Senior VP of Business and Operations at Matter Labs, commented “We’re absolutely thrilled to join forces with Chainlink on this vital initiative. SCALE perfectly complements our vision for scaling Ethereum in a sustainable way while preserving decentralization guarantees. Combined with zkSync Era and our groundbreaking zkEVM, this partnership provides the missing piece needed to unlock the next chapter of innovation in zero-knowledge technology.”

Importantly, Chainlink price feeds are now live on zkSync Era, marking the beginning of this mutually beneficial integration. Developers can leverage real-time market data to create advanced DeFi protocols, trading platforms, insurance products, tokenized assets, and much more to drive user adoption. More oracle use cases will continue rolling out over time.

As Johann Eid, Chief Business Officer at Chainlink Labs explained, “We’re very excited to have zkSync join Chainlink SCALE. This will empower developers building on zkSync with access to critical data and services needed to create highly scalable and secure dApps. We look forward to accelerating the development of the zero-knowledge ecosystem.”

With zkSync and Chainlink combining forces, the door is now wide open for zero-knowledge technology to permeate mainstream society. By making scalability, security and decentralization accessible for everyone, this partnership lays the foundation for the next billion users to participate in Web3’s open, permissionless infrastructure. The potential use cases are endless.

Whether it be fiat on-ramps, DeFi protocols processing millions in daily transaction volume, games with millions of simultaneous players, metaverse worlds with persistent states and economies, or even nation-state adoption, zkSync is poised to make it all a reality on Ethereum in the coming years.

As zkSync co-founder and CEO Alex Gluchowski says, ‚ÄúToday marks an important milestone showing the inevitability of zero-knowledge and Ethereum changing how we fundamentally coordinate at a global scale.”

The Chainlink integration removes key barriers standing in the way of this vision. With scalability and data feeds covered, nothing can stop zero-knowledge now. The next era of human coordination systems has arrived.

SOURCE Chainlink Labs; Matter Labs

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