Nayms Announces Powerful Updates: Unlocking a New Asset Class and Opportunities to Experience Higher Yields on USDC

LONDON, November 01, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Nayms, the leading blockchain-based insurance marketplace, is proud to unveil a host of game-changing updates to our application: the new Capital Provider experience with the launch of Investor 2.0, and two new yield bearing Insurance Pools.

These transformative enhancements mark a significant leap forward in empowering capital providers with self-service onboarding, simplified investment opportunities exploration, and a sleek, intuitive user interface. Within these updates, a new design system has also been introduced to provide a more streamlined and accessible experience. This achievement demonstrates Nayms’ commitment to democratise access to insurance investments.

These groundbreaking updates represent our dedication to enhancing the capital provider experience and fostering a more user-friendly, secure, and efficient marketplace.”  said Alex Melkonian, Head of Product at Nayms.

Additionally, Nayms is excited to share a range of new investment opportunities which allow investors to diversify their portfolios, access untapped markets, and benefit from the growth potential of the evolving insurance landscape with potential returns as follows:

  1. InsurAce: 11-14% Target ROI
  2. Node: 9-12% Target ROI

This release represents the coming together of our internal team and our ecosystem partners. We have introduced insurance as an asset class to the digital asset space – it’s an investment that is uncorrelated, diversified, regulated, and actuarially priced. We’re excited for more to be announced in the months to come.” said Dan Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of Nayms.

Key Features:

  1. New Investment Opportunities: USDC holders can now access exclusive investment opportunities that offer attractive returns and diversification through innovative insurance-linked investments.
  2. Self-Service Onboarding: Capital Providers now have the autonomy to seamlessly onboard themselves, expediting their journey to discover investment opportunities.
  3. Simplified KYC: Know Your Customer (KYC) processes have been revamped, offering a self-guided experience, enhancing security, and making compliance easier than ever.
  4. Enhanced User Interface: Our platform has undergone a significant interface upgrade, resulting in an investment flow that is more intuitive and quicker to navigate.
  5. Smart Contract Bug Bounty: Our commitment to security is unwavering.  We’ve launched a smart contract bug bounty program to ensure our platform’s utmost safety and reliability.

“Having been a proud supporter of Nayms’ first wave of insurance pool products, I am genuinely excited about their launch. Nayms has consistently showcased innovation and a deep understanding of the insurance market’s needs. Their commitment and forward-thinking approach is evident, and I have no doubt that they’ll solidify their position as the trailblazer in the on-chain insurance industry.” said Brian Avello, Chief Legal Counsel at UDHC.

As Nayms continues to expand its marketplace, it remains committed to fostering collaboration, trust, and innovation within the reinsurance industry. Nayms isn’t new technology for old companies — it’s new technology for the insurance participants of the future, who deserve the back-end infrastructure capable of conducting truly digital insurance with the market.

About Nayms
Nayms is the world’s leading, fully regulated marketplace for on-chain insurance. They are paving the way in providing a new digital asset risk market that allows regulated brokers and underwriters to find digital asset capital providers to share in the premium and liability covering digital asset risk. Nayms’ traceable smart contract is built on a trustless system, meaning insurance brokers can place a contract between market participants in a limitless number of areas and share in the future value of such open trade.

For more information on Nayms and investment opportunities, go directly to the website.

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Sarah George
Head of Operations


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