Sei Labs Welcomes Visionary Justin Barlow to Spearhead Next-Gen Blockchain Revolution

NEW YORK – 22/01/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Sei Labs (“Sei”), a trailblazer in developing open-sourced technology for the high-performance Sei blockchain, has proudly welcomed Justin Barlow to its team as the Head of Business Development & Investments. With a background in Solana Ventures, Barlow brings his outstanding accomplishments as an investor and entrepreneur to align seamlessly with Sei’s mission of constructing the fastest Layer 1 blockchain, paving the way for the next era of web3 adoption in anticipation of the Sei v2 launch.

In a strategic move, Jeff Feng, Co-founder of Sei Labs, expressed the significance of bringing onboard exceptional individuals like Justin to accelerate the ecosystem’s growth, especially in preparation for the upcoming proposed launch of Sei v2—the pioneering Parallelized EVM blockchain. Feng emphasized, “Justin will contribute the strategic direction and knowledge that will onboard global partners into the Sei ecosystem.”

Taking the reins as the Head of Business Development, Barlow is set to play a pivotal role in spearheading Sei’s business expansion and partnership initiatives globally, laying the groundwork for the Sei v2 launch. His leadership aims to elevate Sei’s prominence among industry-leading projects as a premier blockchain infrastructure provider. With a background as one of Solana Labs’ early hires, Barlow has held various roles spanning research, trading, and investments.

Barlow himself highlighted the tremendous growth potential of Sei and its foundational technology that is essential for enabling global-scale web3 adoption. He expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Joining Sei at this moment provides a unique opportunity to shape the future of an ecosystem looking to deliver the best trading experience in Web3.”

Noteworthy is Barlow’s recent stint at Solana Ventures, showcasing his foresight for the growth of emerging projects in the consumer tech space, including investments in DeFi, Infrastructure, and Gaming. Beyond his role as an investor, he actively participates as an angel investor and serves as an advisor to gaming studios such as Bravo Ready and organizations like Techstars and the Israeli Blockchain Association. Barlow made his entry into the blockchain/crypto/web3 industry in 2015 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Finance from the University of Southern California.

About Sei Labs

Sei Labs stands as a significant contributor to the open-source Sei blockchain, renowned for being the fastest Layer 1. Leveraging unique chain-level optimizations, Sei empowers decentralized applications to offer unparalleled user experiences with modern performance and scalability. The Sei Labs team comprises industry veterans from prestigious institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Databricks, Robinhood, Google, and Nvidia.


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