Solana Shatters Industry Standards by Pioneering Fully Carbon-Neutral Blockchain

SAN FRANCISCO, – Dec 8, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – The Solana Foundation, a nonprofit driving decentralization, security and adoption for Solana, recently released its groundbreaking December 2023 Energy Use Report – heralding new sustainability milestones for blockchain.

Unveiling significant network enhancements, the report reveals energy consumption per Solana transaction has impressively dropped 25% since April 2023. Meanwhile, total emissions from the platform also plunged 17.5% amidst expansion.

Despite this outsized progress limiting environmental impacts, the Foundation still purchased ample carbon credits equaling 2022 network emissions – notably conducted on-chain for the first time via platforms like ecoToken and Sunrise Stake.

Spanning over 11,000 tons, credit investments fund global regenerative projects including forest conservation, climate justice programs and more.

“We acknowledge the urgent responsibility, as stewards of this planet, to catalyze positive industry change,” said Policy Head Amira Valliani. “By offsetting 100% of emissions even amidst growth, we intend to lead sustainability transformations alongside partners.”

This unparalleled achievement underscores the Foundation’s laser commitment to pushing boundaries through emissions tracking, regenerative systems and precedent-setting.

Even as usage explodes, Solana continues pioneering efforts to hasten clean energy adoption worldwide – nullifying environmental harms today to secure tomorrow.

With the public unveiling of its latest sustainability successes, Solana strengthens its industry foothold as the world’s first entirely carbon-neutral blockchain network. By tackling emissions head-on despite staggering adoption, Solana represents a powerful proof case for greening the coming web3 economy.

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Megan Enright, Communications Manager, Solana Foundation

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