UltronGlow launches public beta of decentralized storage for all

SEATTLE, February 23, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – UltronGlow, an emerging Web3 protocol offering decentralized storage for the sharing economy, announced today that it is launching the next phase of its rapidly growing decentralized file storage network.

This public beta follows a highly successful Alpha test period where the UltronGlow Network saw available storage steadily grow over time as more miners began to realize the benefits of providing decentralized storage, and people began to use it in place of traditional centralized solutions. Starting now, this novel solution is available to anyone who wants to join the beta.

This public beta is open to individuals seeking an alternative to the cloud storage oligarchy currently in possession of roughly half of all data in the world. Those looking to make available their spare storage need only to have 1TB of free space to rent out, and can do so on a wide variety of operating systems and personal devices that meet minimum tech requirements.

Additional benefits of the UltronGlow Network include but are not limited to:

  • A robust incentive structure for those participating in the beta
  • Protection from service failure, censorship, and data theft
  • Lower fees for renters than incumbent decentralized file storage providers

recent survey found that cloud storage subscriptions rank among the most popular, and profits for the companies providing them are hitting new highs with each passing quarter. Additional research found that total revenues for cloud storage providers will nearly triple in size by 2028 to more than $236.4 billion, as the total amount of data stored online increases from 76 zettabytes to 185 zettabytes by 2025.

This expected growth in cloud storage use presents a massive opportunity as Web3 enables individuals to earn income by making available their extra storage space for on-demand use by others. Also, UltronGlow Network is bringing to market an industry first – the ability to mirror storage instances across multiple devices.

“The Web 2.0 model of companies making money off of people for sharing content, data, and more, will soon change with advent of Web3,” said Jason Anderson, chief technology evangelist at Ada Byron Foundation. “UltronGlow is leading the charge, enabling people to take the power back from companies and put it back into the hands of the individual.”

Additionally, the decentralized nature of UltronGlow means that it not only is more secure than leading cloud storage providers, because it does not have a centralized point of failure that can fall victim to various attack vectors, but it also is less prone to the downtimes that have plagued incumbents.

Gone are the days when you might lose access to your files for hours at a time. UltronGlow’s many redundancies means it will always be online, and ownership of this data will always be yours. There’s no need to sign pages-long agreements drafted by lawyers who care only about the parent company, and not about you.

To learn more about UltronGlow and join the public beta, head to www.ultronglow.io.

About UltronGlow Network

UltronGlow is a decentralized storage network that is a combination of four consensus mechanisms referred to as the GLOW consensus. Together, this technology enables individuals to earn income by making available their spare storage space to others, and earning rewards for doing so.

Based in Singapore, UltronGlow is part of the Ada Byron Foundation and is led by serial entrepreneurs and veteran software engineers with decades of previous experience at companies including Microsoft, Consensys, and elsewhere.

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