Velo’s Groundbreaking Orbit Platform Set to Reshape the Payments Landscape

BANGKOK,┬áJan – 10/01/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In the rapidly evolving realm of blockchain-powered finance, Velo cements its pioneering status with the launch of Orbit, an innovative global payments solution for the new era of web3. Tailored for mainstream merchant adoption, Orbit promises to transform how businesses receive funds and connect with customers.

At its core, Orbit offers the disruptive ability to convert crypto payments into local fiat currency in real-time. This bridges the gap between the crypto economy and traditional financial world, opening up web3 to a wider demographic. According to Velo CTO John Smith, “Orbit lets merchants tap into crypto’s advantages without its volatility – the best of both worlds.”

Merchants simply generate a QR code to unlock a host of benefits. Payments route through stablecoins before being converted to local currency via Velo’s blockchain network. Settlement occurs instantly, avoiding the lag of traditional systems. Lower transaction fees provide further incentive for adoption.

The streamlined functionality also appeals to customers. “For users, it’s as simple as scanning a code with their crypto wallet. Orbit focuses on accessibility for all.” said Smith.

And Orbit extends capabilities beyond payments with robust API integration. Online and brick-and-mortar merchants can unify operations in one seamless system, leveraging data-driven insights.

The user-friendly dashboard also enables effortless tracking of business performance. “We built Orbit to be intuitive and transparent so merchants can focus on what matters – growing revenue,” explained Smith.

Velo views Orbit as the natural evolution of payments in the web3 era. According to Smith, “As crypto gains mainstream traction, innovative hybrid solutions like Orbit will become the norm.”

Velo, a pioneer in blockchain payments, is leading this charge. Its growing suite of accessible web3 financial products – now including Orbit – bridges the old and new economies. Backed by major players like Stellar and CP Group, Velo thrives at the intersection of innovation and real-world impact.

The launch of Orbit signals the next leap toward mass adoption of crypto payments and financial inclusion. As Velo continues to shape the landscape, the possibilities remain boundless. Orbit empowers businesses worldwide – the time for crypto payments is now.

SOURCE Velo Labs Technology Ltd.

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