XRP Healthcare Pioneers Exclusive Quarterly Magazine Exploring Innovation at the Intersection of Healthcare and Blockchain

DUBAI, UAE – Dec 19, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – XRP Healthcare, an emerging leader at the nexus of blockchain technology and the global healthcare industry, made history today with the inaugural launch of its quarterly print and digital magazine. This groundbreaking publication marks a significant milestone for the company as it approaches the one-year anniversary of its public debut.

The magazine premiere took place 442 meters above ground at At.mosphere in Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa building, the world’s tallest skyscraper. With unobstructed 360-degree views looking out across the Dubai skyline, the event provided a fitting symbolic backdrop underscoring XRP Healthcare’s boundless vision for the future.

“We believe the magazine will foster meaningful dialogue, drive awareness, and contribute to the conversation around blockchain innovation within healthcare,” said founder Kain Roomes. “By exploring pressing topics and profiling transformative leaders, our goal is to become a valuable industry resource for professionals, thought leaders and enthusiasts seeking perspectives on emerging trends.”

The inaugural issue features an exclusive cover story interview with Margot Cooijmans, Director of Philips Foundation. This Nyse-listed technology pioneer provides access to quality care for underserved global communities through healthcare solutions powered by AI and advanced data capabilities.

Additional content delves into diverse subject matter shaping healthcare’s technological evolution including M&A market trends, developments surrounding blockchain interoperability standards, examining Dubai’s ascent as a rising biotechnology hub and more. Geographically, the magazine caters to engaged audiences across regions where XRP Healthcare operates and looks to expand including the Middle East, Africa, Europe and United States.

Beyond showcasing the latest breakthroughs and insights, a core part of the magazine’s editorial mission is charting XRP Healthcare’s progress toward ambitious goals. This includes raising funds toward a prospective $3 million round to fuel acquisitions of pharmacies, medical facilities and hospitals initially targeting the private healthcare market in Uganda.

Looking ahead, XRP Healthcare is confident its magazine will accelerate ecosystem development and attract new partners by illuminating a bold vision for healthcare’s technological leap forward.

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