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ANIVERSE Listing on MEXC Global, The Cryptocurrency Exchange Market

Seoul, Korea, July 13, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – ANV, the token of the E2E metaverse platform “ANIVERSE”, has been listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange market, MEXC Global (will be referred to as MEXC). Official trading began at 9PM on May 21st, Korean time, and is available on the MEXC USDT market. Related link 1: […]

Ocean Protocol and Dimitra launch Ideation Bounty to Incentivize Data-driven Insights in Agriculture

The program is a strategic initiative to incentivise a global community of data scientists to engage with agricultural data. Singapore, July 13, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Ocean Protocol, the Web3 platform to unlock data services for AI and business innovation, announces the launch of ideation bounties in a joint initiative with its long-term partner Dimitra, […]

With a TV value of 700 million VND, Skyworth releases the first OLED TV in Vietnam in 2022

NEW YORK, NY, July 13, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – On the afternoon of July 7th, 2022, Skyworth Group held a super new product launch conference with the theme of “Transform The World” at Lotte Hotel, Ho Chi Minh, and the launching ceremony of all Vietnam new product tour. At this conference, Skyworth launched a number […]

DayJob Inu Launches $COURAGE Token on Binance Smart Chain

New York, NY, July 13, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – The $COURAGE token is being launched on the BEP20 network by DayJob Inu, a decentralized organization dedicated to using blockchain mechanisms to effect social change. DayJob Inu was founded in response to relevant and pressing issues such as global inflation, economic instability, and an unfair labor […]

JTDEX, the Crypto Exchange, Announces a Promotion to Celebrate Its Recent Launch

New York, NY, July 13, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Recently, JTDEX, the cryptocurrency exchange is proud to announce they will host a promotion to commemorate its recent launch. JTDEX Exchange was established in June 2022, in Seychelles Republic. It is a new and trending hub for crypto and blockchain technology. As a trading platform that […]

AutoXing Launches Digital Mini Disinfection Robot

Beijing, CHINA, July 12, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – AutoXing is proud to announce the launching of their new generation of Digital Mini Disinfection Robot. In the post-COVID era, the world has adapted to a new normal, with disinfection and public sanitation playing a vital role. Efficient methods are needed to prevent and curb the spreading […]


Singapore, July 11, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – 亚洲领先的新闻媒体传播管理平台之一,SEAPRWire,今天宣布其2022年7月的产品更新 – ‘Branding-Insight’ Version 2.0版本,包含了一系列的解决方案、工作流程和新功能,以及全新的客户端管理仪表板。 这次更新承接了SEAPRWire一个月前的’Branding-Insight’计划Version 1.0。SEAPRWire同时推出了一个全新的网站,这将有助于通过一个直观的、一体化的解决方案将营销、公关和传播团队更紧密地联系在一起。新的网站和为用户更新的仪表板为公关专业人士和品牌传播者提供了强大的工具。SEAPRWire在过去几年中以令人印象深刻的速度开发了解决方案,新网站显示了许多这些更新,同时还提供了丰富的资源,帮助客户更好地计划和执行他们的战略。 2022年7月的产品发布主要集中在三个主题上,包括。 社会信号监测 该计划为客户提供实时监测全球所有目标媒体的相关播客的能力。 一个更新的行业分析系统 这是围绕推进分析到洞察力,以帮助他们的客户实时掌握市场动向的公告,并通过工作流程支持临时搜索、自动报告和综合事件分析。 强大的标签系统 标签系统使用户能够更有效地对其保存的搜索进行分类,以帮助他们保持组织性和跨团队的协作。此外,”快速查找 “功能可以帮助客户从手机或桌面上的任何页面立即转到任何其他功能。 关于SEAPRWire SEAPRWire(是一家为媒体关系和营销传播专业人士提供新闻发稿服务的领先供应商。SEAPRWire团队正在努力帮助在全球范围内弥合营销、公关和传播者之间的信息差。SEAPRWire很高兴能够提供能够为这些团队提供更多协作的解决方案。通过对传统媒体和新媒体的多年运营经验,结合更深刻洞察力和更贴心的用户服务,SEAPRWire很高兴在未来为客户提供更多价值。 SEAPRWire的新网站可以在,关于’Branding-Insight’计划的更多信息可以在这里找到。 Media Contact Tina Lee, PR manager SOURCE: SEAPRWire

SEAPRWire Announces New Product Updates and a New Dashboard for Clients

Singapore, July 11, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – SEAPRWire, one of the leading newswires in press release distribution, today announces its July 2022 Product Release – ‘Branding-Insight’ program ver2.0, detailing a range of solutions, workflows and new functionality. The release follows the success of ‘Branding-Insight’ program ver1.0 one months ago. SEAPRWire has also launched a brand […]

PlayEstates Web3 Gaming Platform Launches Its Fractional Ownership Model where Gamers Own IRL Real Estate Assets

Los Angeles, CA, July 11, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – PlayEstates, a Web3 gaming platform, has launched its fractional ownership model, which allows gamers to own real-world real estate assets. The team is riding on the rise of play-to-earn gaming to build a revolutionary project accessible to everyone around the world. With the launch of the […]

ENNOVA Announces the Expansion of AUC Ecosystem through Mobile App ‘Tier’ and Crypto Exchange ‘LEO12’

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 08, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – ENNOVA, the fastest growing blockchain service company in South Africa, announces that they expand the ecosystem of the AUC project. African countries actively used mobile money as a measure to improve financial inclusion, and as mobile money lowered the threshold for financial use and increased access, […]

Garner Tongyeong International to Launch AI Driven Financial Platform

As investors seek guidance to endure the current volatile investing landscape, Garner Tongyeong International has today revealed that it will launch an artificial intelligence (AI) powered data analytics platform to better understand its client’s needs and offer enhanced investment portfolios. LONDON, England, July 07, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Garner Tongyeong International has today revealed it is […]