Elevating Excellence: TAMKO’s Titan XT® Shingle Named 2024 Product of the Year

GALENA, KS – 12/02/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a remarkable achievement showcasing innovation and consumer preference, TAMKO Building Products, LLC proudly announces that its Titan XT® shingle has been awarded the esteemed title of 2024 “Product of the Year” in the Home Protection category by Product of the Year USA. This prestigious recognition, determined through consumer voting, underscores the Titan XT® shingle’s unparalleled performance and superiority in safeguarding homes across the nation.

Demonstrating Unrivaled Quality and Performance

The Titan XT® shingle stands as a testament to excellence, setting a new standard in home protection with its exceptional features. Boasting a 160 mph high wind warranty protection, Class 3 impact rating, and top-tier weather performance, the Titan XT® shingle surpasses industry standards, ensuring maximum durability and reliability in the face of harsh environmental conditions. Complemented by its striking aesthetics and diverse color lineup, the Titan XT® shingle offers both functional excellence and visual appeal, making it the preferred choice among homeowners and contractors alike.

Acknowledging Consumer Preference

“We are delighted that TAMKO’s Titan XT® shingles have been crowned the ‘Product of the Year’ in the Home Protection category for 2024,” expresses Alex Hines, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at TAMKO. “This esteemed accolade reflects the overwhelming support and trust of consumers in the Titan XT® shingle, recognizing its exceptional performance and superior quality. We extend our sincere appreciation to consumers for their continued patronage, driving our commitment to delivering best-in-class products.”

Celebrating Excellence Across Marketing Channels

In celebration of this prestigious honor, the distinctive red “Voted Product of the Year” logo will be prominently featured across all marketing platforms, serving as a symbol of quality and innovation. From advertising campaigns to social media engagement, TAMKO will showcase the Titan XT® shingle’s accolade, inviting consumers to experience its unmatched performance firsthand. Homeowners and contractors are encouraged to inquire about Titan XT® shingles for their residential roofing needs, backed by the assurance of superior quality and durability.

For further details, please visit www.tamko.com.

About Product of the Year

Product of the Year is the ultimate recognition of consumer-driven innovation, honoring products that stand out for their quality and performance. Established over three decades ago, Product of the Year operates globally, guiding consumers to make informed choices while rewarding manufacturers for excellence in design and functionality. With the distinctive red POY logo as a hallmark of trust, homeowners and contractors can rely on Product of the Year to identify top-tier products in their respective markets.


TAMKO Building Products LLC has been a trusted name in residential roofing and waterproofing solutions for over 80 years. Renowned for its commitment to quality, integrity, and community support, TAMKO offers a wide range of roofing products, including the popular Heritage® and Proline shingle series. With a legacy of excellence and a dedication to innovation, TAMKO continues to set industry standards while serving the needs of homeowners and building professionals alike.

Contact Information

Alex Hines
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
1-800-641-4691 x 2011

SOURCE: TAMKO Building Products, LLC

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