Fellaz Plots New Course in Web3 Entertainment With CEO Transition and Bold Rebrand

SINGAPORE – 30/12/2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Fellaz, a pioneering force in Web3 entertainment, rang in the new year by charting an ambitious course into uncharted waters. The company announced groundbreaking leadership changes along with a rebranding that reflects its role as a trailblazer in leveraging Web3 to transform entertainment experiences.

At the helm is Ricky Ow, a seasoned executive well-versed in navigating complex global entertainment and media landscapes. His depth of expertise steering ventures across Asia and beyond suits him perfectly to guide Fellaz on its odyssey to integrate Web3 technologies across the entertainment spectrum.

Ow takes over the captain’s chair from former CEO Bobby Bhatia, who will remain on deck as Fellaz President. This leadership shuffle aligns strategically with Fellaz setting sail as an entertainment catalyzer leveraging Web3’s potential to engage stakeholders in co-creating immersive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.

Ow’s illustrious career credentials include leading growth as a venture capital partner and founding his own international business, RJ International. His leadership acumen was further honed while serving as President of Kasagi Labo, renowned for its anime IP and innovative fan engagement models.

Most recently, Ow was at the helm of WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks in the Asia-Pacific region. This unmatched experience steering global media and developing locally resonant content has primed him to take Fellaz’s trailblazing mission to the next level.

Under Ow’s stewardship, Fellaz aims to unravel the possibilities of Web3 entertainment by pioneering new models of immersive worldbuilding. His appointment represents a commitment to harnessing his expertise in creative content, IP cultivation and strategic market development as Fellaz cements its stature as a Web3 entertainment pioneer.

Ow will leverage his depth of media and content knowledge to spearhead Fellaz’s interweaving of technology and entertainment. Commenting on his new role, he said, “I’m thrilled to join Fellaz at this exciting inflection point as we charge ahead to the Web3 frontier. I look forward to guiding this talented team as we build on a strong foundation to take Fellaz’s revolutionary vision to new heights.”

Departing CEO Bhatia expressed full confidence in Ow to steer Fellaz onward and upward, noting that his innovation and expertise make him the perfect fit to lead through this time of transformation.

Beyond leadership changes, Fellaz is also expanding offerings to include IDO and INO platforms designed to nourish the thriving Web3 ecosystem while expanding utility and community. This cements Fellaz as a true entertainment catalyzer championing the symbiotic growth of entertainment and Web3.

As Fellaz navigates uncharted waters, its renewed branding reflects a pioneering spirit ready to revolutionize entertainment within the dawn of a new paradigm. With seasoned captain Ricky Ow at the helm and an undaunted crew, Fellaz is poised to actualize the limitless potential of Web3 to immerse and engage at new heights. The company’s bold vision charts a course past the horizon, where unimagined entertainment frontiers await.

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