Guardian Roofing’s HALO Project: A Beacon of Hope for Auburn Families

SEATTLE, WA – 04/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In the heart of Auburn, Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation stands as a beacon of hope and generosity, deeply rooted in community service and social responsibility. Founded on the principles of giving back and supporting those in need, this family-owned enterprise has continually showcased its commitment to making a significant difference in the lives of local families. This commitment reached a new zenith in 2018 with the inception of the Guardian HALO Project, an innovative initiative designed to provide critical roofing services to families facing financial hardships.

The Guardian HALO Project, conceived by Lori Swanson, the compassionate owner of Guardian Roofing and Gutters, embodies the company’s ethos that “to whom much is given, much is required.” Recognizing the immense support and trust bestowed upon them by their clients, employees, and the broader community, the Swanson family felt compelled to leverage their unique position in the roofing industry to enact meaningful change. As such, the Guardian HALO Project was born – a contest that annually awards a deserving local family with a new roof or necessary roof repairs, free of charge.

Lori Swanson highlights the significant financial burden a new roof system can impose on families, with costs ranging from $16,000 to $80,000. This initiative not only alleviates immediate financial stress but also ensures long-term protection and security for the recipients, making it a transformative opportunity for the chosen families. The selection process, led by Guardian’s dedicated team, involves a community-driven nomination system, encouraging individuals to put forward families in dire need of roofing services via the Guardian website.

The Guardian HALO Project has, over five years and five cycles, bestowed the gift of security and shelter upon four local families, each story a testament to the project’s profound impact. Luke De Monnin, the HALO Project Manager, reflects on the deep connections forged through the initiative, emphasizing that the project’s value extends beyond the roofs provided. It fosters enduring relationships with recipient families and cements Guardian Roofing’s role as a pillar of community support.

The acronym HALO, as explained by Swanson, encapsulates the project’s core values: Helping the community and enriching lives; Achieving a purpose by fulfilling essential needs; Lasting relationships that extend beyond business transactions; Overcoming obstacles that families face due to financial constraints. This holistic approach underscores the project’s mission to make a lasting difference in the community.

Contributions from partner manufacturers, distributors, and industry professionals, including notable names like Owens Corning and Velux, play a crucial role in the project’s success, offering their products and services to ensure the initiative’s goals are met.

About Guardian Roofing, LLC:

Since its establishment in 2005, Guardian Roofing, LLC, has emerged as a leading roofing contractor in the Seattle area, committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. With founders Lori and Matt Swanson at the helm, the company boasts over 60 years of combined roofing expertise and a dedicated team of over 100 certified professionals. Recognized for its rapid growth and exceptional service, Guardian Roofing continues to set industry standards, underscored by its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and accolades from the Puget Sound Business Journal and Roofing Contractors Magazine. For more information about their services and the Guardian HALO Project, visit

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