SAP Advances Climate Action Agenda at Pivotal COP28 Conference

NORTHAMPTON, MA – Dec 7, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – As the world’s focus zooms in on the 28th UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai from November 30th to December 12th, SAP stands poised to showcase leadership on collaborative climate action. Attended by tens of thousands of governmental leaders, COP28 aims to drive urgent agreements limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Amidst COP28’s vibrant setting, complex debates continue around concrete policies and ensuring equitable climate burden-sharing globally. Can the event’s ambitious sustainability targets be translated into tangible results? As a platform for climate commitments and consequences, the gathering has seen progress but needs more tangible outcomes according to experts. With warnings of potential 3 degree Celsius warming, COP28 represents a critical moment for collective action on the pivotal 1.5 degree goal.

Beyond hypotheticals, COP28 seeks to evaluate progress since Paris and force bold decisions around closing the implementation gap by 2030. Through high-profile participation from its executive leadership team, SAP spotlights its multiplier role in advancing climate agendas across private and public sectors.

“SAP helps 87% of total global commerce organize data to enable a net zero circular economy,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Sophia Mendelsohn, referencing the company’s unrivaled reach. She underscored SAP’s participation in around 70 COP28 initiatives on priorities like carbon accounting, climate justice and circular systems.

As businesses globally shape themselves for zero-emission regulation, those proactively embedding sustainability strategies hold tangible competitive advantages. By streamlining data flows, enabling insightful analytics, standardizing disclosures and embedding sustainability into operations, SAP’s solutions help enterprises navigate shifting requirements across their value chain.

Beyond software, SAP partners broadly to advocate technology’s role in climate action. “Collaborating with our sustainability ecosystem including institutions, consultants and technology allies is essential for customer success,” said Alicia Lenze, Global Head of Sustainability Marketing. Such coalitions demonstrate concrete business actions around climate progress.

Equally vocal on policy, SAP builds governmental relationships to champion technology and youth inclusion for a just transition. “I’m hopeful for ambitious COP28 outcomes signaling urgent, scaled action to meet Paris Agreement climate goals,” said Pete Selfridge, Head of Global Government Affairs.

At COP28, SAP University Alliances also convenes academic leaders to engage students on leveraging sustainability technology. “Engaging academia and youth is paramount,” said Dr. Karina Edmonds, Global Head of SAP Academic Programs, citing events like Green Rising which enables youth climate participation.

With projections of severe climate migration and health threats by 2050, COP28 also spotlights “climate justice” – tackling uneven climate impacts on vulnerable groups. As part of broad private sector efforts, SAP supports initiatives like youth skill-building and resources for equitable access.

COP28 signifies an inflection point for collective climate responsibility. By spearheading collaborative solutions, SAP transcends passive participation to actively further sustainability innovation and progress.

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