‘Wuyang Chunyu’ Tea Opening Festival Held in Wuyi County, Showing Intangible Heritage Crafts and Ethnic Customs

JINHUA, CHINA, March 21, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – On March 14, the 2023 “Wuyang Chunyu” Tea Opening Festival and Camping Products Exhibition series of activities of “foreigners to explore the Chinese tea” was held in Wuyi County. This event was hosted by Wuyi County Publicity Department of Jinhua Municipal Committee. The 5 foreign friends and journalists living in Jinhua, Zhejiang came together to Liucheng She Ethnic Town, Wuyi County for picking early tea, experiencing the local characteristics of the She customs, having a tea tasting and tea appreciation, and feeling the better life from the beautiful countryside and local tea & travel integration.

From a leaf to a cup of high-quality “Wuyang Chunyu

In March, the tea gardens of Liucheng She Ethnic Town, Wuyi County, has been “dyed” on the wild green lush, rows of tea trees have emerged from the delicate buds. In the morning, foreign friends followed the She tea pickers and Lan Youming, the chairman of Zhejiang Wuyi Zhexing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. They stepped into the tea garden for recognizing tea, identifying tea, and picking tea.

Thumb and forefinger pinch the shoot, gently break it upward, a standard fresh tea leaves will fall into the palm. “No pulling, no tugging, gently break off the tip of the bud, so that the shape and taste are the best.” Lan Youming demonstrated towards them while picking tea. He introduced that a daily worker can pick 2-3 pounds of high-quality tea leaves a day, “Each piece of tea is the best gift from nature.”

Reportedly, at present, more than 10,000 mu of tea gardens in the town have entered the first tea picking period. Lan Youming said, in another half a month, the area will be in the harvest period, and a fabulous harvest will then appear in the tea gardens.

Wuyi is known as “the hometown of Chinese tea culture” and “the hometown of Chinese organic tea”. The unique green water and green mountain resources have contributed to Wuyi’s long history of tea production and the unique natural quality of Wuyi’s famous tea. “Wuyang Chunyu” tea, one of the top ten famous teas in Zhejiang, resembles pine needles and silk rain, with a light floral fragrance, sweet and fresh taste, which has been recognized by consumers’ reputation and the market. In 2022, “Wuyang Chunyu” tea brand valuation has reached RMB 2.292 billion. The traditional green tea production process of “Wuyang Chunyu” has been selected as a non-heritage item in Zhejiang Province.

The five foreign friends who explored the Chinese tea were from Russia, Yemen and Senegal respectively. Although they all have tea drinking habits in their hometowns, all of them expressed that they knew for the first time that the high quality non-heritage tea from China had to pass through multiple processes to create the long-lasting fragrance of tea.

A look at the good life of a small town from a fun tea tour

Liucheng Town in Wuyi County is one of the main gathering places of She ethnic group in Zhejiang. When you come here, the ancient village, you can find the style of the She ethnic group everywhere, from the ancient villages, food and accommodation, streets and schools.

In the morning, the lively sound of gongs and drums added much joy to the She Town. The crowd changed into ethnic costumes, made love songs, worshipped heaven and earth, and tasted the long table banquet … Boris and Masha from Russia experienced a She wedding under the guidance of local She residents; Carson from Yemen also put on gloves and tried to make green dumplings by himself for the first time. With local children as guides, the foreign brothers and sisters were led on a tour of the ancient streets and learn the craft of traditional ribbon making; they visited the ancient city walls and enjoyed the sight of the rape flowers that bloom just in time for spring and the gurgling fish scale dams reflecting each other … dazzling activities, the warmth and hospitality of the She people made the day’s tea tour both experiential and rewarding.

In recent years, the local has relied on the She characteristics, and combined with the tea culture for innovative practice, finally has created a special road of tea & travel integration — “through tea to promote travel, through travel to lead tea, make the integration of tea & travel”, then to achieve “common prosperity” goal. The relevant person in charge said, “Tea is the messenger of civilization. This invitation towards foreign friends to explore the Chinese tea, is for hoping that we can take this opportunity to better publicize the “Wuyang Chunyu”, to promote tea culture to the world better. Also hoping that through their punch line, let more tourists see the possibility and richness of tea cultural tourism in Liucheng She Ethnic Town, Wuyi County and let more tourists find out the small town in the south of Yangtze River which with tea fragrance lingering, far-reaching culture, and with a special national atmosphere.”

It is reported that Wuyi County’s 2023 “Wuyang Chunyu” Tea Opening Festival and Camping Products Exhibition will continue to carry out a series of activities. The Opening Ceremony of the Tea Festival, Camping Products Exhibition, rural bazaar, run through the sea of tea and the most beautiful tasting season and other thematic activities will be held next.

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