Dacxi Launches Crypto Wealth Education Platform

London, UK, June 08, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Dacxi announces the launch of its crypto wealth education platform, which will unlock the opportunity for everyday investors to learn from world leaders in Crypto Wealth education.

Knowledge is the key to building Crypto Wealth. But for everyday people, the crypto knowledge gap is still wider than ever. In fact, a recent survey conducted by global fintech company Dacxi revealed that a staggering 43.3% of respondents believe they lack the knowledge needed to successfully invest in crypto. That’s why the company has created Dacxi LEARN. A crypto education platform that gives Dacxi clients easy access to the information they need to succeed.

In 2017, Dacxi began developing Dacxi LEARN; the world’s foremost library of crypto educational content. Fast-forward to 2022, and Dacxi is celebrating the launch of a significantly enhanced and enriched version of the educational platform.

With new material and media options, the improved and expanded Dacxi LEARN makes it even easier to gain the knowledge and insights investors need to make confident decisions on their Crypto Wealth journey.

“Dacxi has long recognised the importance of education in empowering everyday investors to invest with confidence,” says Dacxi LEARN Director, Gisa Ellis. “That’s why we have an unwavering focus on growing our customersknowledge, and why you wont find the scope and scale of learning resources and support available at Dacxi LEARN anywhere else.”

Content that caters to all learning styles.

Dacxi’s recent report, ‘The State of Crypto Education in 2022,’ highlighted the incredibly wide range of learning styles – spanning webinars, eBooks, videos, written courses, reports, and more. The new Dacxi LEARN caters to all these learning styles, across both individual investors and financial professionals – giving customers the power to choose the medium that suits them best.

Through its pioneering work in Crypto Wealth, Dacxi is working hard to make crypto more accessible to all. So the company is leading by example, choosing to make much of Dacxi LEARN’s content free and available to everyone. Only the most valuable premium courses, tools and resources are reserved for registered Dacxi clients.

Decoding the complexities of crypto

The crypto industry is rife with complicated jargon, and impenetrable technical language. Dacxi LEARN cuts through the unnecessary and overwhelming mass of information that’s out there and explains the key concepts of Crypto Wealth in simple everyday language.

As Gisa Ellis explains, “Competence leads to confidence. Its our intention to help people build the competence they need to build unstoppable crypto-confidence. That’s the key to making wise choices, and integrating crypto into their long-term investment strategy.”

Dacxi LEARN courses for private investors

Dacxi LEARN’s introductory course for private investors includes topics like, ‘What is crypto, and why can’t the world stop talking about it?’, ‘What is Crypto Wealth?’, ‘What is Tokenization?’, ‘What is a Use Case?’, and ‘Why is Security so Important?’.

In a cluttered and noisy information landscape, Dacxi LEARN’s courses are designed to arm investors with just the information they need, and nothing that they don’t.

Dacxi LEARN courses for Financial Professionals 

Dacxi also has a dedicated education stream just for financial professionals who recognise the crypto opportunity. As crypto grows increasingly mainstream, more and more of their clients will look to them for advice. This means financial professionals must also gain knowledge, competence, and confidence.

Dacxi LEARN’s introductory video course includes topics such as ‘The crypto world beyond Bitcoin’, ‘How crypto fits into the traditional wealth landscape’, ‘The regulatory and tax implications of crypto’, and ‘What crypto’s growing popularity means for Financial Professionals’. It’s designed to empower advisors with the knowledge they need to offer confident crypto advice. And maybe even take the first steps on their own crypto journey. Dacxi are members of the CPD certification service in the UK and have been awarded accreditation for their course ‘Unlocking the Financial Opportunity for Financial Professionals’.

Dacxi LEARN has a sense of community.

The Dacxi LEARN platform is designed with community support at its core.

Gisa Ellis says, “Dacxi Learn is a vibrant knowledge community, which offers information, support and encouragement. One of our favourite features is the regular Dacxi Crypto Wealth webinars. These are fun, inclusive online events that include inspiring speakers and fascinating insights from crypto world-leaders.”

The new Dacxi LEARN platform is the world’s most comprehensive and user-friendly crypto educational resource. To start your crypto journey with Dacxi LEARN, visit the Dacxi website – or find the platform directly at Learn.Dacxi.com

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