Yiche held a car-themed super party, which promoted the sales of 43,900 cars in August

Beijing – Yiche, China’s leading auto IT company, teamed up with China’s top TV stations to launch the “Super August 18th Car Carnival Night” on August 18.China’s leading auto manufactures and dealers participated in the event and launched a grand car promotion campaign. China’s leading car companies and car dealers participated in the event, launching a grand car promotion campaign.

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Yiche, Tencent, 0700.HK
Yiche, Tencent, 0700.HK

Yiche believes that a car-themed carnival can activate the market and boost consumption during the summer, which is traditionally an off-season for the Chinese auto market.

More than 50 well-known Chinese stars, singers, bands and pianists, including Jay Chou and Lang Lang, were invited to participate in the two-and-a-half-hour party.The artists provided songs, dances and piano performances. The evening also included Super XR shows and interactive celebrity-car shows. The evening showcased the highlights and selling points of the cars through beautiful staging and XR/MR and other technologies. The evening also included five car Super XR shows and five interactive celebrity-car shows.  The evening showcased the highlights and selling points of the cars through beautiful staging and XR/MR and other technological means. The gala also offered more than 150 half-price cars and hundreds of millions of dollars in car purchase discounts.

The gala attracted more than 221 million online viewers, making it the biggest marketing event in China’s auto industry in August. According to the data, by the end of the night, the “Super August 18th Car Carnival Night” resulted in 43,900 car orders and a turnover of 6.42 billion yuan. The event was a huge success.

Liu Xiaoke, president of Yiche, said he hoped that the event would increase brand influence and sales opportunities for major auto manufacturers and open up the consumer potential of the Chinese auto market.

Yiche was founded in 2000 as a well-known Chinese auto IT company. It was listed on the NYSE in 2010. In 2020, it was acquired by Tencent, a well-known Chinese company, and became a privatized company. Hundreds of millions of Chinese users use this platform to view auto information and buy new and used cars. Yiche also provides digital marketing solutions for Chinese car manufacturers and car dealers.

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