ALERCELL Introduces COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Clip and Antigen Test Collection Kits

Bozeman, MT – In the struggle against COVID-19, ALERCELL, a biotechnology business based in Montana and managed by CEO Frederic Scheer, has shown its resiliency. ALERCELL is distributing several Antigen and PCR products including Luminostics’ clip COVID rapid antigen test and antigen test collection kits that will be distributed throughout the country by the company.

Operating out of Bozeman, Montana, ALERCELL works towards the discovery, development, distribution, and manufacturing of a portfolio of innovative in-vitro rapid diagnostic test kits that target the Covid-19 SARS Coronavirus. With a proprietary developing technology, ALERCELL offers tests that are able to detect cancer at its earliest stages, so preventative measures can be put in place for optimal health results.

From Rapid Serology tests to PCR and recently developed saliva tests, ALERCELL’s doctors are working with the regulators to ensure that the products offered are in compliance with the domestic Regulators and the Regulators abroad.

ALERCELL products include a broad line of rapid test antigen systems that are manufactured, marketed, and sold worldwide. Their products are marketed and sold directly to blood banks, hospitals, commercial laboratories, clinics, physicians’ offices, government agencies, alternative care testing sites, and plasma protein therapy companies.

ALERCELL partners with manufacturers, providers, and other healthcare organizations to help provide the right medicines and rapid test diagnostics to the right patients at the right times, while maintaining utmost cost-efficiency. ALERCELL operates within the United States, with manufacturing and storage in warehouses located in Europe and Asia.

To assess whether a person has been infected, antigen tests are used. People’s nose or throat is swabbed to look for proteins (antigens). The coronavirus antigen test, which may be administered at the point of care, is expected to be faster and easier than prior tests. A breakthrough in coronavirus antigen screening could bring users closer to resolving the widespread testing shortages. In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, the CDC said antigen tests can be used in a variety of ways to see if an infected person is still contagious.

ALERCELL produces, markets, and sells a wide variety of quick test antibody systems around the world. Blood banks, commercial laboratories, clinics, doctors’ offices and government agencies are the most common purchasers of these products. Plasma protein treatment firms are also common buyers.

A former investment banker/biotechnologist, co-founder Frederic Scheer of ALERCELL, Inc. has a track record of successfully listing many start-up companies on the Bulletin-Board and the NASDAQ in his prior roles. He’s been in the chemical and alternative technologies industries for the last 25 years. Mr. Scheer holds 15 patents in the field of biotechnology and nano technology in the United States. He founded two biotech companies, both of which were listed on the NASDAQ. Mr. Scheer holds two doctorates in law and an MBA from the University of Paris and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.

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