MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA Inter Berner Dubois has reported its global strategy outlook, with value in European and Asian stocks expected in 2022.

“While inflation will be at levels higher than many investors have witnessed before, our economists anticipate that prices will soon “peak then retreat” as supply chain pressures ease and prices for many commodities normalize. As a result, central banks are unlikely to take drastic measures to raise interest rates and slam the brakes on growth,” said David Churchill, Senior Vice President of Inter Berner Dubois.

“That said, our investors are classically conditioned towards the mention of tightening, which is just one of many reasons our brokers are approaching U.S. equities and Treasuries with caution. In contrast to U.S. equities, stock markets in Europe and Asia are more reasonably priced and geared toward growth,” Churchill added.

Throughout Asia, equities have continued to produce rising returns on equity, while economic stimulus, business reopening’s, and solid global capex indicate that Japan’s stock market could greatly appreciate next year.

Meanwhile, the MSCI Europe index has outperformed the rest of the world for the first time in 20 years, this trend is expected to continue thanks to increased mergers and acquisitions, buyback activity, and changes in investor positioning since many global portfolios were underexposed to the region.

Investment strategists at Inter Berner Dubois believe that businesses in the healthcare, financial and secular technology sectors might all benefit in the year ahead. As supply and demand dynamics return to a more normal pattern, consumer goods and cyclical technology companies may lag.

“The economic and political landscape has been permanently altered from pre-COVID days, although the changes are not necessarily related to the pandemic itself,” said Stephane Charbonneau, Chief of Research & Analysis at Inter Berner Dubois. “This breeds higher uncertainty and dispersion, making stock selection will be more important than ever for our brokers throughout the year ahead,” Charbonneau added.

The end result should mean increased investment and productivity, although this could take several years to play out.

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