The Official Launch of the “Trip in Guangzhou” Carnival and Urban Exploration Route Design Competition is Waiting for You

May 6, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – With the goal of igniting the enthusiasm of international tourists in China and enhancing the popularity and influence of Guangzhou’s international brands, the 2022 “Trip in Guangzhou” Carnival was officially launched a few days ago. The event is aimed at our travelers from around the world living in China and will showcase, in an innovative way, Guangzhou’s high-quality cultural tourism resources as well as creative ways to travel there. It hopes to stimulate the interest of foreign tourists to travel in Guangzhou, empowering Guangzhou to become an international destination city.

Opening of the “Trip in Guangzhou” Carnival Welcoming Foreign Visitors to Guangzhou

The “Trip in Guangzhou” carnival is organized by the Guangzhou Administration of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism and is hosted by Group. For two months, beginning in spring, the event will display the unique culture of Guangzhou, the “Flower City”. During the event, a series of innovative promotional activities with diverse content and format will be presented to promote the natural beauty, customs, and heritage of well-known scenic spots in Guangzhou. Participants will be able to immerse themselves in Guangzhou’s cuisine, hospitality, travel, shopping, and entertainment. Sight-seeing programs will establish the credentials of Guangzhou as an international destination city and will attract foreign tourists living in China to visit.

Urban Exploration Route Design Competition Call-up to Invite Experienced World Travelers

The Urban Exploration Route Design Competition was officially launched on May 13 as one of the activities of the “Trip in Guangzhou” Carnival. On a global scale, it will gather creative ways to tour Guangzhou, focusing on the in-depth exploration and innovation of Guangzhou tourism routes. The Competition is open to all insightful experienced travelers who love Guangzhou, as well as to experts in the fields of culture and food. Participants can design 2-day or 3-day Guangzhou-oriented tour routes in the downtown or surrounding areas, highlighting the characteristics of cultural tourism in the south of the Five Ridges. You can view the official Weibo account of the Guangzhou Administration of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism for more details. It is reported that the Guangzhou Administration of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism will have a panel of industry experts and experienced travelers who will use strict criteria to choose 20 themed routes which users will then be able to access via

The Competition will explore more creative, practical, and satisfying tour routes in Guangzhou while improving quality. Visitors will be able to enjoy Guangzhou in diverse ways and gain access to unique scenery and culture from different perspectives. Through local cultural tourism Guangzhou will achieve greater global influence and will enable the world to admire the charm and culture in the region south of the Five Ridges.

Together creating a new blueprint of Guangzhou with which to build a new model of cooperation between government and enterprise in the area of cultural tourism

Enhancing the city’s image while devising creative ways to play there. Strengthening internationalized Guangdong-style service, Guangzhou continues to carry out effective target marketing for cultural tourism, exporting Guangzhou culture and telling the Guangzhou story on the road to becoming a world-class tourist destination. In recent years, the Guangzhou Administration of Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism has continued to forge partnerships with Group as well as with other tourism platforms and enterprises. With the goal of building a cultural tourism brand and establishing Guangzhou as a world-class travel destination, the joint government-enterprise promotional effort is being conducted to give exposure to and popularize Guangzhou’s image across the board, to increase spending on tourism, and to develop Guangzhou into international tourism destination.

In the coming two months, the “Trip in Guangzhou” carnival, focusing on the image and charm of the Flower City, will put the unique culture of Guangzhou and the cultural confidence of the region south of the Five Ridges on display for the world to see. In the future, Group will also make full use of its platform in its continuing efforts to contribute to the branding of Guangzhou’s cultural tourism, to promote local cultural and tourism commerce, and to help Guangzhou’s cultural tourism industry develop at high speed while maintaining its high quality.


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