3D panoramic VR video company Kandao Tech completes a new round of funding of tens of millions of RMB

Recently, Kandao Tech has announced a new round of funding of tens of millions of RMB, with the investors in this round being Chuangdong and Shenzhen SME.

Kandao Tech has launched professional-grade panoramic camera Obsidian series, 5G+8K VR live broadcast system, consumer-grade panoramic camera QooCam series and other products in the field of VR panoramic ultra-high definition video, and released a number of “world first” VR video products.

The Kandao Obsidian Pro, a 12K 3D video camera released in April this year, supports 12K X 12K 3D panoramic video, which is the highest specification and most powerful VR camera in the industry.

Kandao Tech has also launched two video conferencing products, Kandao Meeting and Kandao Meeting Pro, which combine 360° panoramic video, AI intelligent algorithm and video conferencing operating system to provide a more friendly, intelligent and efficient experience for various video conferencing scenarios.

With global epidemic prevention and control becoming the norm, Kandao Tech has recently announced the launch of the “Kandao Tech Meeting Pro – One Million Reservation Experience” campaign, in which a million RMB worth of Kandao Tech Meeting Pro 360° intelligent video conferencing machine will be invested. The Kandao Tech Meeting Pro 360° intelligent video conferencing machine will help you communicate remotely in the event of an epidemic.

Earlier, Kandao Tech also became a partner of Huawei Hongmeng and launched Kandao Meeting Pro Hongmeng Edition, which is equipped with the Hongmeng system and combines 360° camera, omni-directional microphone and high-fidelity speaker into one machine, which can start video conferencing.

Dan Chen, CEO of Kandao Tech, said, “Kandao Tech firmly believes in the market space of video technology and products in VR/AR scenarios in the 5G era. The future will be the era of the real Internet, with further integration between online and offline, and closer integration between the virtual world and the real world, of which video must be one of the most important links. In the future, whether we are watching videos or holding teleconferences, the form of image presentation will definitely not be just the current flat images, and we hope to participate in and lead the new wave of image transformation through our focus and efforts in image acquisition and processing.”

With the completion of this round of financing, Kandao Tech will further increase its investment in technology research and development to further strengthen its technological and product leadership, as well as strengthen its branding and marketing efforts to create a more complete VR ultra HD and video collaboration ecology, build a global brand and promote industrial development.

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