ADEC ESG Solutions Joins CDP’s Prestigious Network as Accredited Provider for 2024

IRVINE, CA – 30/04/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a significant announcement today, ADEC ESG Solutions reveals its integration into CDP’s exclusive network of service providers, extending support to disclosing organizations seeking guidance on ESG strategy, science-based targets (SBT), and more.

ADEC ESG, Recognized as CDP Accredited Provider for 2024

ADEC ESG proudly displays its accreditation as a CDP silver climate change and SBT consultancy partner for North America. This prestigious designation underscores the company’s commitment to aiding businesses in implementing ambitious sustainability practices, reflecting its dedication to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

CDP, a globally recognized non-profit organization, administers the foremost environmental disclosure system utilized by over 18,700 companies and 1,200 cities, states, and regions worldwide. Supported by 680 investors managing assets totaling $130 trillion and 280+ large purchasers with a collective buying power of US$6.4 trillion, CDP plays a pivotal role in driving environmental transparency and action on a global scale.

Accredited by CDP, environmental service providers like ADEC ESG offer invaluable assistance to companies across their environmental journey. From conducting climate-related scenario analyses to formulating strategies for a water-secure and deforestation-free future, accredited providers help companies identify areas for improvement, address environmental gaps, and seize opportunities for leadership in corporate environmental initiatives.

As part of ADEC Innovations’ esteemed global portfolio, ADEC ESG stands out as a leader in providing comprehensive support on ESG metrics management, disclosure, reporting, and corporate strategy. With a proven track record dating back to 2011, ADEC ESG has been instrumental in assisting organizations in enhancing their CDP performance. Through tailored solutions addressing various sustainability topics such as climate resilience, greenhouse gas emissions management, net-zero goal-setting, and science-based targets, ADEC ESG continues to empower companies to drive positive environmental change.

James M. Donovan, Global CEO of ADEC Innovations, remarked, “The global shift toward sustainable development and responsible business practices is undeniable. Organizations are increasingly seeking actionable pathways to enhance resilience and reduce emissions. As an accredited solutions provider, ADEC is uniquely positioned to guide them through this journey and support their sustainability efforts.”

Paul Robins, Head of Corporate Partnerships at CDP, expressed his satisfaction with ADEC ESG joining as a silver climate change and SBT consultancy partner for North America, emphasizing the company’s expertise in sustainability and climate strategy as valuable assets for companies responding to CDP in the region.


ADEC ESG is dedicated to advancing sustainable practices worldwide, assisting organizations in responsible growth and operations. Offering integrated consulting, data management, and software solutions, ADEC ESG helps clients address evolving ESG needs and transform risk into positive impact and value.

About CDP:

CDP, a global non-profit, operates the world’s foremost environmental disclosure system for companies, cities, states, and regions. With over 19,000 organizations worldwide disclosing data through CDP in 2022, the organization’s environmental database is unparalleled in size and influence, driving investment and procurement decisions toward a zero-carbon, sustainable, and resilient economy.

SOURCE: ADEC Innovations

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