APhone Access Passes: Pioneering Web3 Mobile Experiences on Magic Eden

HONG KONG – 10/05/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In an unprecedented move that marks a milestone in the evolution of Web3 mobile experiences, APhone, the innovative device-agnostic virtual phone application, today unveils an exclusive sale of its Access Passes on the renowned digital collectibles platform, Magic Eden.

Breaking away from conventional norms, APhone introduces co-branded Access Passes, a limited edition of 5,000, each priced at 0.2 SOL (approximately $24). These passes, available for purchase on Magic Eden, grant users access to the full spectrum of APhone functionalities for a duration of one year. As an added incentive, the company offers extra “10 key rewards” for every NFT swap, which users can redeem for future token airdrops, thereby fostering engagement and interaction among APhone enthusiasts.

Furthermore, in a gesture of partnership and support, Magic Eden extends a generous 25% boost in its unique Diamond Rewards program to users who acquire an APhone Access Pass, enhancing the value proposition for potential buyers.

At the heart of APhone’s mission lies the commitment to provide an accessible and cost-effective virtual mobile phone experience powered by DePIN technology. Leveraging Aethir’s distributed GPU Cloud Infrastructure, APhone transcends the limitations imposed by traditional hardware and app store regulations, enabling seamless access to resource-intensive applications and visually immersive games directly through a web browser. This revolutionary approach not only eliminates the need for costly development efforts and backward compatibility but also democratizes access to the benefits of Web3, irrespective of users’ device specifications.

William Peckham, Chief Business Officer at APhone, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration with Magic Eden, emphasizing the alignment with principles of decentralization. He states, “APhone passes exemplify the ethos of decentralization, offering smartphone users a gateway to the vast potential of Web3, regardless of their device’s technical constraints, thereby fostering inclusivity and accessibility.”

With Magic Eden emerging as a cornerstone in the digital collectibles landscape, boasting a staggering 22 million+ monthly visitors and hosting over 8,000 NFT collections, the collaboration between APhone and Magic Eden holds promise for driving innovation and expanding the reach of Web3 technologies.

Chris Akhavan, Chief Revenue Officer at Magic Eden, echoes the sentiment, highlighting APhone’s role in liberating game and app developers from the shackles of Web2 app stores. He envisions a future where web3 game studios leverage the APhone DApp Store to unleash their creativity and propel the growth of the ecosystem.

The recent integration of APhone with Solana catapults users into one of Web3’s most dynamic and rapidly evolving ecosystems, boasting over 500 Web3 apps, games, NFTs, DeFi protocols, and millions of users. APhone comes equipped with a curated selection of top blockchain apps and games, providing users with immediate access to a diverse range of experiences, including popular titles like HoneyLand, Mighty Action Heroes, and Warpcast.

By embracing a decentralized model, APhone ensures the security and privacy of user data through global network distribution, eliminating single points of failure. Additionally, Aethir’s real-time services support a myriad of applications, including cloud gaming, further enhancing the user experience and ecosystem resilience.

For more information about APhone and its revolutionary offerings, please visit the official website at: https://www.aphone.com/


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