Bitbot’s Presale Hits $1 Million Milestone Amid Surging Interest in AI and Trading Tech

LONDON, UK – 20/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Bitbot, the rising star in the Telegram trading bot arena, is making waves with its ongoing presale, surpassing the $1 million mark in just under 8 weeks. This impressive achievement is fueled by the growing interest in AI and trading technology, shining a bright spotlight on Bitbot’s innovative approach to trading.

Bitbot is poised to revolutionize the burgeoning Telegram trading bot market, already boasting a market cap exceeding $1 billion despite its young age of barely a year. With its groundbreaking non-custodial trading capabilities, Bitbot empowers crypto traders to set up and automate trades without compromising their private keys or funds.

The $1 million raised in the presale is accompanied by Bitbot’s remarkable growth in social media presence, amassing over 110k followers on X and over 20k on Telegram within just 8 weeks.

Over $6.5 Billion Gain in Less Than 90 Days

In 2024, the cumulative trading volume in the Telegram trading bot market has surged from $5.2 billion to over $12 billion, marking a significant milestone. This achievement is even more remarkable considering the challenges faced by the sector in the previous year.

Despite the setbacks, key players like Banana Gun and Unibot have demonstrated resilience, with Banana Gun currently boasting a market cap of $86 million and Unibot achieving gains of +70% from its launch price. These figures underscore the resilience of the Telegram trading bot market.

Bitbot’s Strategic Positioning in the AI Surge

With the recent surge in AI and AI crypto, Bitbot is strategically positioned to capitalize on these trends. As the AI crypto market surpasses $40 billion in 2024, Bitbot’s Gem Scanner tool and Snipe the Trade feature leverage artificial intelligence to identify promising projects and capitalize on market opportunities.

Bitbot, priced at $0.0122 with significant programmed presale gains remaining, presents a compelling investment opportunity. With its superior security technology and potential for market outperformance, Bitbot is primed for success in the open market.

About Bitbot

Bitbot is a cutting-edge Telegram trading bot designed to empower retail users with institutional-grade trading tools. Focused on security and decentralization, Bitbot prioritizes user control over assets, partnering with Knightsafe to deliver the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot.


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