Castle of Blackwater: A Paradigm Shift in Web3 Gaming Unveiled by Seedify

GIBRALTAR – 22/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Seedify, a renowned Web3 incubator and launchpad, is thrilled to unveil the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for Castle of Blackwater, a groundbreaking project developed in collaboration with Merit Circle. Positioned as one of the pioneering games to debut on Beam, Castle of Blackwater is set to revolutionize the landscape of Web3 gaming with its innovative approach.

Castle of Blackwater has rapidly garnered acclaim, consistently ranking among the top 3 games on the Elixir launcher. Following a successful Alpha Season, the game has transitioned to Public Beta and is poised for further expansion. A recent strategic funding round, securing $1 million with esteemed partners like Metrics Ventures, 3Commas Capital, and Faculty Group, has propelled Castle of Blackwater into a new phase of growth. Collaborations with vibrant communities such as The Wardens, IndiGG, SocialsRising, and Carv have enriched player engagement through frequent game nights and interactive events.

Embark on a Journey of Intrigue and Deception with Castle of Blackwater

Castle of Blackwater invites players into an immersive narrative, where the grand Castle Blackwater conceals hidden perils beneath its majestic facade. Adventurers flock to the Castle in pursuit of glory, yet amidst the challenges lie treacherous motives, necessitating players to navigate the intricacies of the Castle’s trials and the deceit of their companions.

Strategic Depth: Factions and Roles Redefined

Distinguishing itself with unique factions, Castle Blackwater offers diverse gameplay experiences with each playthrough. From the noble Protectors to the cunning Satanic and the unpredictable Forgotten, players must choose their allegiance wisely. Within each faction, players assume distinct roles, each wielding unique abilities crucial for achieving objectives, sowing discord, and ultimately claiming victory.

Experience the Thrill of Day and Night Phases

Castle of Blackwater’s dynamic gameplay revolves around Day and Night Phases. Collaborative investigations and alliances form during the Day Phase, while strategic maneuvers and deception dominate the Night Phase as factions vie for supremacy. The phase culminates in a suspenseful voting round where suspicion reigns, leading to the elimination of suspected individuals.

Dive into Two Engaging Game Modes: Casual and Ranked

Offering versatility to players, Castle of Blackwater presents two game modes catering to different playstyles. Casual mode offers accessible gameplay ideal for newcomers, while Ranked mode introduces a competitive element, requiring blockchain-based character collectables for participation.

Unlock Exclusive Character Collectibles

Castle of Blackwater introduces a unique Generations system, offering exclusive Character Collectibles that enhance gameplay and unlock various benefits. With limited editions available in Ranked mode, players can enhance their strategic advantage and potential market value by owning these collectibles.

Embrace the Dual-Token Economy

Powering Castle of Blackwater’s thriving ecosystem are $COBS (Utility) and $COBE (Ecosystem) tokens, integral to earning rewards, purchasing in-game items, and participating in the game’s economy. Designed with innovative protocols, Castle of Blackwater offers players a holistic gaming experience, combining economic incentives with strategic gameplay.

Castle of Blackwater IDO: A Gateway to Gaming Innovation

The Castle of Blackwater IDO presents an exciting opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to participate in the project’s growth and innovation. Stay tuned for more details on this highly anticipated event!


Jojo Meylaerts
Castle of Blackwater

SOURCE: Seedify

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