CoinCoffee™ and HUG Launch Art-Infused Coffee Collection with Exclusive NFTs

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 15/04/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – CoinCoffee™, renowned for its premium specialty coffee, is delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership with HUG, an expansive and inclusive social marketplace. This collaboration heralds the launch of an innovative product line: the Art & Coffee HUG Edition. This collection represents a fusion of high-quality coffee and digital art, aiming to create a unique coffee drinking experience that supports artists directly.

A Marriage of Coffee and Digital Artistry

The Art & Coffee HUG Edition collection by CoinCoffee™ is more than just a coffee; it’s a celebration of creativity and technology. HUG has employed its cutting-edge Open Call curation tools to identify three talented emerging artists to feature in this special edition. Their artwork will not only adorn the coffee bags but also be integrated into exclusive NFTs, enhancing the value of each purchase.

Each bag of coffee purchased from this collection not only delivers the rich, award-winning taste that CoinCoffee™ is known for but also offers buyers exclusive access to a digital NFT of the featured artwork. These NFTs serve as more than digital assets; they provide a portal into an engaging narrative that includes the story of the coffee’s origin and the artist’s creative process and inspirations.

Empowering Artists and Consumers

This initiative is built on a foundation of artist empowerment, a core principle for both CoinCoffee™ and HUG. Notably, 21% of proceeds from each sale will go directly back to the artists, thereby supporting their creative endeavors in a tangible way. This significant contribution underscores the commitment of both companies to fostering a sustainable ecosystem where artists can thrive and sustain their careers through their art.

Randi Zuckerberg, Co-Founder and CEO of HUG, commented on the partnership: “HUG is committed to opening up new avenues for artists to sustain themselves through their creativity. Our collaboration with CoinCoffee™ is a perfect example of how blockchain technology can be harnessed to build new connections and reinforce our mission of artist support. This initiative allows art lovers to own a piece of exclusive art every morning with their cup of coffee.”

Andre D. Ramsey, Co-Founder and CEO of CoinCoffee™, shared his vision for the partnership: “Aligning with HUG represents a strategic synergy between our love for coffee and our desire to empower artists. Each sip of our Art & Coffee HUG Edition not only offers a taste of our finest brew but also shares the inspiring stories of artists around the world. It’s about creating a holistic experience that celebrates art, storytelling, and exceptional coffee.”

About HUG

Founded by Randi Zuckerberg, a Tony Award-winning producer and pioneering Facebook live creator, HUG is a vibrant social marketplace that empowers artists by providing tools to showcase and market both physical and digital artworks. With a community that spans over 145 countries and includes more than 20,000 artists, HUG has facilitated numerous exhibitions and distributed substantial funds in the form of grants and scholarships.

About CoinCoffee™

CoinCoffee™ is a specialty coffee brand dedicated to enhancing the coffee experience by blending premium coffee with unique artistic expressions. Each coffee bag serves as a canvas that narrates a story, inviting coffee lovers into a world of artistic collaboration and cultural connection.

Learn More and Participate

To learn more about the Art & Coffee HUG Edition and to participate in the open call, please visit

SOURCE: CoinCoffee, Inc.

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