DeepBrain Chain Spearheads the DePIN Revolution with Groundbreaking AI and Web3 Integration

SINGAPORE, – 01/04/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In an era where the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Web3 technologies is not just anticipated but increasingly demanded, DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is leading the charge into what’s being heralded as the DePIN revolution. The DePIN ecosystem—a trinity of decentralized computing power, storage, and networking capabilities, colloquially known as CDN—stands at the heart of this transformative movement. DBC’s innovative approach leverages blockchain technology to orchestrate a global, decentralized network of GPU computing power, catering to an array of metaverse application scenarios, including high-end cloud gaming and cutting-edge AI deep learning processes.

At its core, DBC’s technology platform incentivizes the contribution of idle GPU computing resources from around the globe. This includes large-scale GPU server clusters, idle GPU servers from small to medium enterprises, and personal GPUs that are otherwise unused. This strategic aggregation of resources has propelled DBC to the forefront of the DePIN movement since its involvement in the cryptocurrency realm in 2023. As one of the pioneering entities of the DePIN revolution, DBC serves as a benchmark for the industry, showcasing how decentralized computing resources can resolve the growing demand for AI computing power.

DBC’s blockchain-based solution is designed to democratize access to high-performance GPU computing, enabling industries such as AI research, cloud gaming, cybercafes, and Zero-Knowledge (ZK) computations to thrive. Unlike traditional models, DBC’s network does not serve terminal GPU users directly. Instead, it operates through an ecosystem of cloud providers like and, which facilitate seamless access to GPU computing services. specializes in making GPU computing accessible for AI training and inference, while DeepLink offers ultra-low latency services for cloud gaming and related applications, ushering in a new era of cloud cybercafés, cloud e-sports, and cloud hospitality services.

Since the launch of its mainnet blockchain on May 20, 2021, followed by the GPU computing power mainnet on November 22, 2021, DBC has seen exponential growth. As of March 19, 2024, the network boasts 604 GPUs with a remarkable utilization rate exceeding 96%, supporting diverse applications across AI, cloud gaming, and e-sports. This burgeoning ecosystem has attracted partnerships with industry giants such as Huawei and Polygon, alongside cloud gaming service provider TIKEREN, enhancing the network’s capabilities and reach.

To further bolster the DBC network’s GPU computing power and its foundational role in the crypto ecosystem’s infrastructure, a new version of the DBC mainnet was launched in 2024. This iteration introduced a short-term GPU leasing mode, smart contract functionalities, and the transformation of traditional GameFi into cloud-based models. It also paved the way for decentralized AIGC projects to develop smart contracts and mine using DBC GPU resources. The adoption of a virtual machine technical architecture means that any GPU machine joining the DBC network can partake in mining activities, including aleo, ionet, DBC, and DLC tokens, diversifying the potential for earnings and contributions to the network.

As DBC carves its path on the AI+DePIN track, it taps into the growing market enthusiasm for the industrial and value proposition of DePIN within AI and Web3 metaverse applications. With the spotlight on GPU-related advancements at the Nvidia GTC conference in the United States, DBC gains further recognition across several domains, including “AI+Web3”, “AI+Metaverse”, and “AI+DePIN”. Having navigated through nearly two bull-bear cycles and amassed a community of 160,000 users, DBC is poised for deeper integration into the crypto-economic market, seeking listings on major exchanges worldwide, including in South Korea—a market where DBC has been cultivating relationships and infrastructure for six years.

About DeepBrain Chain:

Founded in 2017 by the DeepBrain Chain Foundation and Council, DeepBrain Chain has emerged as a pioneering decentralized GPU computing network. With its sights set on becoming the go-to GPU computing infrastructure in the global AI+Metaverse era, DBC is redefining the landscape of decentralized computing, offering scalable, flexible solutions to meet the burgeoning needs of AI and Web3 integration.

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