DeFi Saver and Safe Collaboration Enhances DeFi User Experience

NEWARK, DE – 29/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – DeFi Saver, a prominent application renowned for facilitating the creation, monitoring, and management of DeFi positions on the Ethereum network, has announced a transformative integration with Safe, a leader in account abstraction technology, aimed at elevating the DeFi experience for users worldwide.

This strategic partnership follows Safe’s recent milestone achievement of securing over $100 billion in digital assets across its smart accounts, with more than 40 million transactions processed on its infrastructure. By leveraging Safe’s cutting-edge technology, DeFi Saver aims to streamline and optimize DeFi management for users participating in protocols such as Aave, Compound, Morpho Blue, Spark, CurveUSD, and Liquity.

The integration introduces a myriad of features designed to enhance efficiency and convenience for DeFi users. Through the power of Safe smart accounts, users can now execute multiple actions seamlessly within a single transaction, including leveraging up or unwinding, collateral and debt swaps, and transferring active positions across different protocols. This consolidation of functions minimizes unnecessary steps, providing users with a more intuitive and streamlined DeFi experience.

Moreover, DeFi Saver’s integration with Safe smart accounts enhances security by offering native multisig support, aligning with Safe’s commitment to setting the standard for asset ownership security. With this update, both existing and new users can benefit from enhanced security features while managing their DeFi positions.

The collaboration also emphasizes composability and portability, enabling users to manage their positions through various DeFi apps and frontends supported by Safe. This interoperability ensures that DeFi Saver users can seamlessly access their positions across different platforms, while Safe users gain access to DeFi Saver’s comprehensive suite of tools.

Nenad Palinkasevic, co-founder of DeFi Saver, expressed, “We recognize the importance of composability and portability in DeFi, and our partnership with Safe underscores our commitment to open, permissionless innovation in the DeFi space.”

Lukas Schor, co-founder at Safe, added, “Smart Accounts are crucial infrastructure for DeFi mass adoption, and we applaud DeFi Saver’s initiative to accelerate the adoption of smart accounts within the ecosystem.”

Looking ahead, both teams are committed to further enhancing the user experience in DeFi by continuing to optimize transaction batching and introducing features such as sign-only modes for seamless transaction handling in the background.


Filip Josipovic
Defi Saver Inc.

SOURCE: DeFi Saver

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