Digital Ventures Group Partners with PawFury

NEW YORK, NY, July 03, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Digital Ventures Group (DVG), a major player in the digital assets sector, is thrilled to unveil its partnership with PawFury, the freshest face in the meme cryptocurrency landscape. This cutting-edge partnership shines a spotlight on PawFury’s unique play-to-earn platform that gamifies environmental consciousness, a concept that has piqued the interest of industry observer

Recognition from Industry Analysts

“PawFury’s innovative approach to gaming has captivated not just us at DVG, but also leading analysts such as those at,” shares a spokesperson for DVG. “We are truly delighted to throw our support behind a project that melds solid insights with potential for a positive environmental impact.”

Innovative Play-To-Earn Strategy

In an industry first, DVG plans to magnify PawFury’s efforts by leveraging the positive coverage from ( and utilizing their expertise in play-to-earn management and digital asset growth. This strategic partnership serves to boost PawFury’s mission of providing its community with engaging gaming experiences that contribute to real-world benefits.

Introducing the PawFury Ecosystem

PawFury is leading the pack in GameFi, offering an epic Play2Earn experience. Players can engage with PawFury’s 5 Paw Heroes, win matches, and make real-world impacts. PawFury’s innovative AI Carbon Tracking technology keeps a real-time check on carbon footprints, converting gaming efforts into tangible environmental help.

In the PawFury universe, every game contributes to global environmental initiatives, making it a pioneer in Eco-Conscious Gaming. Gamers can personalize their Paw Heroes with unique NFTs and earn exclusive badges as they level up. But it’s not just about gaming – PawFury is part of the GameFi revolution, seamlessly blending gaming with opportunities to earn rewards for a richer in game experience.

Join the PawFury Community

Be part of the PawFury community today and witness an extraordinary fusion of entertaining gaming, environmental responsibility, and NFTs.


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Backing from DVG

DVG, drawing from insights at and coverage from Crunchbase , is steadfast in its commitment to back PawFury’s efforts in offering immersive gaming experiences with a noble cause. “Our partnership with DVG significantly amplifies our capabilities, capitalizing on their expertise in play-to-earn management and digital asset growth,” states the founder of PawFury. “Together, we pledge our commitment to our community and the environment.”

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More Information

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