DwellFi Celebrates Major Victory at FTF Technology Innovation Awards 2024

PALO ALTO, CA and NEW YORK, NY– 07/06/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – DwellFi, a prominent leader in applied AI, blockchain, and tokenization solutions designed for Fund Administrators and Private Funds, has proudly announced its recent success at the prestigious FTF Technology Innovation Awards 2024. The company’s groundbreaking Gen AI solution has been recognized as the ‘Best Gen AI Solution,’ a title that underscores DwellFi’s innovative approach and significant contributions to the financial technology sector. This award highlights the company’s dedication to revolutionizing the Asset Management industry through advanced AI technologies. Additionally, DwellFi was a strong contender in the ‘Best Disruptive Solution’ category, further emphasizing its role as a pioneer in transformative technological advancements.

The FTF Technology Innovation Awards are renowned for celebrating excellence and innovation in the financial technology industry. DwellFi’s victory in the ‘Best Gen AI Solution’ category is a testament to its relentless pursuit of technological innovation and excellence. The company’s solutions are specifically tailored to meet the needs of Fund Administrators and Private Funds, driving efficiency and streamlining operations. DwellFi’s advanced technologies are designed to handle complex challenges within the Asset Management industry, making the company a key player in the market.

Deepak Sheoran, the Chief Technology Officer of DwellFi, expressed his excitement over the win, stating, “We are immensely honored to receive the ‘Best Gen AI’ award from FTF. This recognition reflects DwellFi’s commitment to technological excellence and our dedication to empowering Fund Administrators and Private Funds with cutting-edge Gen AI solutions. The overwhelming interest from these sectors in our applied AI solutions, which we call ‘Gen Fi,’ demonstrates the urgent need for innovative technologies that enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes.”

Kumar Ujjwal, the Chief Executive Officer of DwellFi, added, “This accolade validates the use cases we’ve developed based on insights from over 100+ industry conversations. Our solutions are specifically designed to address the unique needs of Fund Administrators and Private Funds. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of applied AI innovation and delivering transformative solutions that advance the Asset Management industry.”

Empowering the Future of Asset Management

DwellFi’s technology offers a range of solutions that significantly enhance the operations of Fund Administrators and Private Funds. For Fund Administrators, DwellFi’s AI and blockchain technologies streamline the cumbersome investor onboarding process. By transforming volumes of unstructured data—such as PDFs, faxes, and manual documents—into a seamless digital investor workflow, DwellFi ensures automated and efficient verification and record-keeping on a large scale. This transformation allows Fund Administrators to manage data more effectively and reduces the time and effort required for onboarding.

For Private Funds, DwellFi enables real-time asset valuation through its dynamic fund tokenization approach. This innovative solution allows for the tokenization of fund assets as well as underlying NAV/transaction and GP/LP data. Additionally, on-chain liquidity and lending capabilities transform previously opaque, costly, and manual underwriting processes into seamless, instant actions. Investors can sell or borrow against their LP interest with the click of a button, providing unprecedented flexibility and efficiency.

Commitment to Technological Excellence

DwellFi’s recognition at the FTF Technology Innovation Awards is a significant milestone for the company. It reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to technological excellence and its dedication to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the Asset Management industry. The award highlights DwellFi’s role as a leader in applied AI and blockchain technologies and underscores its potential to drive transformative change within the industry.

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About DwellFi

DwellFi is at the forefront of redefining Asset Management through state-of-the-art AI, blockchain, and tokenization technologies. The company’s SOC 2, Type 1 SaaS platform serves a diverse client base, including PE/RE/VC Funds, Hedge Funds, Fund Administrators, and LPs. DwellFi’s solutions are designed to adapt to the dynamic needs of the market, providing operational efficiency, security, compliance, and enhanced investor engagement. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Kumar Ujjwal, who holds two technology patents, and CTO Deepak Sheoran, DwellFi is setting new standards in the Asset Management industry. To learn more, visit DwellFi.


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