DwellFi Receives Prestigious Nominations at 2024 FTF Technology Innovation Awards

PALO ALTO, CA and NEW YORK, NY – 18/04/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – DwellFi, a leading innovator in AI, blockchain, and tokenization solutions tailored for the asset management industry, proudly announces its nominations for two prestigious awards at the 2024 FTF Technology Innovation Awards. These nominations reflect DwellFi’s unwavering dedication to reshaping asset management and fund administration through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Recognizing Excellence in Financial Technology: FTF, a prominent authority in financial technology news, acknowledges DwellFi’s significant contributions to the industry by bestowing these nominations.

The nomination for ‘Best Generative A.I. Solution’ commends DwellFi’s AI-powered tools that streamline investor onboarding and fund operations, maximizing efficiency and scalability.

Meanwhile, the nomination for ‘Best Disruptive Solution’ recognizes the transformative impact of DwellFi’s dynamic asset tokenization, which enhances asset liquidity, transparency, and fund administration processes.

Deepak Sheoran, DwellFi’s Chief Technology Officer, comments, “Being recognized by FTF News validates our mission to innovate and address the intricate challenges of the asset management industry. Our technology not only optimizes operational efficiency and compliance but also establishes new standards for security and transparency.”

Empowering the Future of the Industry with Targeted Applications:

DwellFi’s solutions address critical industry pain points, offering scalable and secure technologies within a SOC-compliant framework. Here are some specific applications showcasing the impact of DwellFi’s AI and tokenization technologies:


  • Scalable Investor Onboarding: AI and blockchain technologies convert volumes of unstructured data into digital workflows, streamlining investor onboarding processes.
  • Automated Fund Administration: AI automates cash reconciliation, capital calls, distributions, and payments, enhancing internal fund administration processes.
  • Custom Knowledge Base: AI-driven tools extract actionable insights from fragmented data sources, aiding real-time business decision-making.
  • Simplified Vendor Conversion: Streamlining fund conversion activities and data reconciliation between administrators, reducing the timeframe from months to days.


  • On-chain Liquidity/Lending: Streamlined underwriting processes enable investors to sell or borrow against their LP interest with ease.
  • Dynamic Fund Tokenization: Automation and scalability in fund operations and investor onboarding are facilitated through tokenization of fund assets.
  • AI Agents for GPs/LPs: Real-time fund insights and LP capital activity are delivered through AI-powered agents, enhancing investor relations.

Kumar Ujjwal, CEO of DwellFi, adds, “These nominations underscore our role as pioneers in leveraging AI, blockchain, and tokenization to empower our forward-thinking clients. We remain dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of the asset management industry.”

About DwellFi:

DwellFi is redefining asset management with cutting-edge AI, blockchain, and tokenization technologies. Our SOC-2, Type 1 SaaS platform caters to a diverse clientele, including PE/RE/VC Funds, Hedge Funds, Fund Administrators, and LPs, adapting to the dynamic market needs. Led by visionary CEO Kumar Ujjwal, with two technology patents to his credit, and CTO Deepak Sheoran, DwellFi is setting new benchmarks for operational efficiency, security, compliance, and investor engagement in the asset management domain. Visit https://dwell.fi/ for more information.


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