EuroVaultX Unveils Paradigm-Shifting Token Sale: A Symphony of AI and Crypto Innovation

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – 13/01/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – EuroVaultX, an innovative force in the realm of AI-driven cryptocurrency exchanges, joyfully announces the commencement of its inaugural public token sale. This momentous event not only signifies a pivotal milestone for EuroVaultX but also heralds a transformative chapter for the broader crypto community. Visionaries within the research community have long extolled the virtues of advanced AI as a guiding light for crypto enthusiasts. The integration of predictive AI technology into quantitative trading programs has already yielded exceptional outcomes.

In this landmark sale, EuroVaultX will unleash a portion of its tokens to the public, with a meticulously structured vesting period of three months in place to ensure the sustainable and measured growth of this groundbreaking project.

Detailed Specifications of EuroVaultX Exchange’s Native Token

Token Name: EuroVaultX ($EVX)

Blockchain: Polygon

Token Standard: ERC-20

Token Allocation Percentage: 50%

EuroVaultX’s platform is a testament to ingenuity, seamlessly fusing advanced AI capabilities to offer users an unparalleled trading milieu. At its core lies ‘Vaultron,’ the exchange’s proprietary AI solution meticulously crafted to furnish tailored investment advice, predictive insights, and real-time trading signals. This places EuroVaultX at the zenith of the ever-evolving crypto exchange landscape. The platform’s developers have harmonized advanced predictive AI, state-of-the-art APIs, and modern portfolio theory (MPT).

Balázs Benesóczky, EuroVaultX’s visionary Founder & CEO, articulated the essence of the platform:

“As early adopters of AI in the crypto realm, we take pride in offering a technological marvel that empowers crypto traders to make well-informed decisions amidst the volatility.”

Beyond providing customized guidance on trading, investments, and other DeFi offerings, the platform extends governance rights to token holders. $EVX token holders gain access to premium features encompassing advanced analytical tools, market research instruments, and algorithmic trading solutions, facilitating the automation of their trading orders.

Gergely Gréczi, Senior Software Developer & Technical Lead at EuroVaultX, shared his foresight:

“We firmly believe that our AI model, ‘Vaultron,’ will illuminate the path for crypto investors and traders, offering real-time market insights and suggestions, thereby removing emotion from the cryptocurrency trading equation.”

EuroVaultX has prioritized security and user experience in the platform’s architecture. EuroVaultX (EVX) boasts several security features designed to safeguard the token and its owner’s assets. Furthermore, the user interface is intuitively crafted, catering to the needs of both novice and seasoned traders.

About EuroVaultX

EuroVaultX is dedicated to providing a dependable, secure, and user-friendly haven for cryptocurrency traders, aiming to maximize profits and minimize risks through the symbiosis of AI and blockchain technology.

Media Contact:

Benesóczky Balázs
SOURCE: EuroVaultX

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