GONGGANTECH of Korea, introduces Earthquake-Resistant Ceiling lightweight Steel Frame that Will Change the Paradigm of Construction

Seoul, Korea – GONGGANTECH is proud to announce the release of their newest model of earchquake-resistant ceiling lightweight steel frame, which will change the paradigm of construction. Established in 2002 as a construction company, GONGGANTECH Korea, develops construction safety technology and products based on 20-year know-how and experience in the construction industry. In particular, the level of GONGGANTECH’s technology for earthquake-resistant safety products is outstanding. Its product was awarded the presidential citation in 2018, selected as an excellent invention by Korean Intellectual Property Office in 2019, ranked in the top 10 excellent patents for industrialization in 2021, and certified as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise by the local government community.

Attracting attention, the ‘Earthquake-Resistant Ceiling lightweight Steel Frame’ surpasses the limit of existing lightweight products, which have been used for the past 40 years and presents a new paradigm of lightweight steel structure.

Existing products have been used even before the various equipment such as electricity, firefighting, communication, air conditioning, heating, and interior were installed in the ceiling. But those products did not consider the weight of equipment mentioned above and workers’ weight for maintenance work, exceeding the load capacity, which can cause safety accidents.

Also, their earthquake-resistant performance is inadequate, possibly causing damages due to the fall of ceiling structure and equipment when an earthquake occurs.

‘YES Hanger,’ which is the key element to ‘Earthquake-Resistant Ceiling lightweight Steel Frame’ features a one-touch installment that completely prevents loosening of the nuts on upper and lower parts of the hanger. In addition, it blocks the moving of angle bars and carrying bars on the upper area to prevent changes in structure and sagging ceiling due to earthquakes and various vibrations in daily life.

It was tested and proved for earthquake resistance in the international standard earthquake resistance test site in Korea’s Center for Seismic Safety. And it was confirmed that the structure remains safe even in 1.3g and seismic intensity 10.

In addition, the product structure evenly distributes the weight to remain strong against vertical load and stably supports equipment and the weight of workers in the ceiling, preventing accidents like ceiling collapse. Its maintenance is also convenient.

The integrated structure of Yes Hanger increases safety against earthquake and load without the need for combining pins. The simplified process of assembling the parts increases convenience. Using M bar, T bar, and clip bars, it is applicable to various shapes of ceiling and construction environment. Furthermore, ISO9001 quality management certification proves that it is a versatile product that never fails in quality management.

‘Earthquake resistant OK pipe hanger’ that was launched with ‘Earthquake-Resistant Ceiling lightweight Steel Frame’ is the world’s first hanger with anti-loose nuts adjustable to different heights. It has a high level of convenience and safety structure for installation to be selected as an excellent product in the 19th Korea Safety Awards.

With their safety, workability, and convenience for maintenance, these two products from GONGGANTECH Korea are differentiated from other existing products with its innovation. GONGGANTECH Korea aims to set a new standard for advanced construction safety and welcomes overseas partners for exportation.

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