HEWE Coin Launches Second Presale Phase on AmChain, Boosting Health-Conscious Crypto Investments

HOUSTON, TX – 12/05/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In an innovative approach to bridging health consciousness with digital currency, HEWE Coin has initiated the second phase of its presale on the AmChain blockchain, marking a significant step forward in its commitment to promoting wellness and environmental sustainability through technological advancements. The launch, set on May 1, 2024, has garnered substantial attention with an initial token price set at $0.00062, attracting a diverse pool of global investors eager to partake in this progressive venture.

HEWE Coin has adeptly combined Artificial Intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology to revolutionize the security and efficiency of digital transactions. This sophisticated integration propels HEWE Coin to the forefront of the cryptocurrency market with an astonishing transaction capability of up to 80,000 transactions per second (TPS). This feature alone sets HEWE apart as a leader in scalability and performance, poised to manage large volumes of transactions flawlessly.

Presale Dynamics and Strategic Developments

Presale Start Date: May 1, 2024

Initial Token Price: $0.00062

Total and Initial Supply: 100 billion and 15 billion HEWE tokens, respectively

Circulating Supply at Launch: 15 billion HEWE tokens

The current phase of the presale is buttressed by an array of strategic events designed to amplify HEWE’s market presence and foster community engagement. Noteworthy among these is a planned event in India in June 2024 followed by another significant gathering in Dubai in August 2024. These events are intended to deepen connections with regional stakeholders and showcase HEWE’s commitment to a globally inclusive digital economy.

Innovative Consumer Engagement Initiatives

HEWE is set to launch the HEWE Walking App in February 2025, which innovatively rewards users with HEWE coins based on their physical activity, thus encouraging a fit lifestyle while gaining financially. Moreover, the decentralized e-commerce platform, which will accept HEWE tokens, is anticipated to redefine the shopping experience by integrating the security and convenience of blockchain technology.

The upcoming introduction of the HEWE Visa and Master Crypto Card in July 2024 represents a groundbreaking development in enhancing the liquidity and practical usability of HEWE tokens in everyday transactions. Following this, August 2024 will see the launch of HEWE’s proprietary wallet, offering an encrypted and user-friendly solution for managing digital assets, which will be compatible with major platforms such as MetaMask.

Pierre Nguyen, CEO of HEWE, expressed his vision for the project: “Our approach at HEWE is truly pioneering. By fusing AI with blockchain, we are not only achieving unprecedented transaction speeds and security but also redefining user engagement with digital currencies through our health-centric rewards system. This presale heralds the advent of a holistic experience for our global user base.”

HEWE invites potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to participate in this presale phase and join a movement that prioritizes health, wealth, and environmental stewardship. For more details, visit HEWE’s official website at [HEWE Official Site].

About HEWE

Positioned at the nexus of health and financial prosperity, HEWE leverages the capabilities of the AmChain blockchain to create a unique cryptocurrency that enriches its users’ lives not just financially but also by promoting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. With a strong commitment to innovation, security, and community, HEWE is dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide through its cutting-edge technology and inclusive financial ecosystem.


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