Interview with GlobalStocksTrades CEO Glory Dease

GlobalStocksTrades Introduces Packages for Trading and Investment of Crypto Assets

Singapore, June 11, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – GlobalStocksTrades is a digital assets management platform that provides a full suite of investment management solutions to institutional investors, financial advisors, and individual clients. For more information, please visit The following is the interview with GlobalStocksTrades CEO Glory Dease by SEA Financial Chronicle reporter Andy Daszkowski.

Q: Could you tell us more about GlobalStocksTrades and what investment solutions it offers?

A: GlobalStocksTrades is a crypto assets management platform. We offer a comprehensive suite of investment management solutions for crypto assets, catering to institutional investors, financial advisors, and individual clients worldwide. Our team has decades of experience in values-based investing strategies. We are committed to providing exceptional service and customized strategies that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Q: What is your role in the company and what is your vision for it?

A: I’m Glory Dease, the CEO of GlobalStocksTrades. My vision is to establish GlobalStocksTrades as a leader in the digital asset investment space by focusing on risk management and delivering robust, risk-adjusted returns. We aim to provide tailored solutions for each client based on their unique needs and goals.

Q: What are some of the standout features that GlobalStocksTrades offer?

A: One of our standout features is the Custom Equity Index strategies, which offer separately managed portfolios tailored to closely mirror the total return of a benchmark index based on client-specified constraints. We also offer copy trading, which allows clients to copy the positions of expert traders.  In addition, we provide crypto staking services, allowing crypto holders to earn rewards by contributing to blockchain networks. We also facilitate buying and selling of major cryptocurrencies on our platform.

Q: Can you tell us more about your copy trading feature? How does it benefit clients?

A: Copy trading enables clients to replicate the positions taken by expert traders on our platform. By directly copying the trading activities of seasoned professionals, clients can leverage their expertise and potentially enhance their investment performance. This feature simplifies the investment process for both novice and experienced traders.  Clients can share knowledge and success with expert traders.

Q: Why did GlobalStocksTrades decide to offer crypto staking services?

A: We offer crypto staking services in response to the growing demand for crypto-related investment opportunities. Crypto staking allows crypto holders to earn passive income without selling their digital assets. By participating in the staking process, investors can contribute to blockchain networks while receiving rewards in the form of additional digital assets. This provides another way for crypto investors to capitalize on their holdings.

Q: Does GlobalStocksTrades only focus on cryptocurrencies? What other assets do you offer?

A: No, we do not only focus on cryptocurrencies. We also facilitate trading of stocks, allowing clients to actively buy and sell shares in various companies. Our stock trading services aim to help traders capitalize on short-term price fluctuations and maximize their profitability.

Q: Security and risk management seem to be an emphasis of GlobalStocksTrades. Can you explain your approach to these aspects?

A: We place a strong emphasis on disciplined risk management. Our goal is to deliver robust, risk-adjusted returns for clients. We have an in-depth understanding of the markets we operate in, and we take a tailored approach based on each client’s risk tolerance and needs. Strict security measures, controls, and management oversight are in place to safeguard client assets and data.

Q: How does GlobalStocksTrades stand out from other players in the space?

A: We stand out through our multi-decade legacy and expertise in values-based investing strategies. Our client-centric culture and tailored solutions set us apart. We offer a personalized approach for each client to suit their unique needs and financial goals. Our innovative copy trading and crypto staking features are also distinctive in the market.

Q: What is your future vision for GlobalStocksTrades?

A: Our vision is to establish ourselves as a leader in digital asset investing by expanding our product and service offerings, growing our client base worldwide, and continuing to deliver strong performance and an excellent client experience. We aim to be at the forefront of innovation in the crypto and blockchain space. The future is bright for the adoption and advancement of these technologies.

Q: Do you have any advice for investors looking to enter the crypto space?


A: My advice would be:

  1. Do thorough research to understand what you are investing in. The crypto space can be complex, so education is important.
  2. Only invest money that you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, so the value of your investments could significantly decrease.
  3. Consider seeking advice from a financial advisor. They can help you create a balanced investment strategy tailored to your needs and risk tolerance.
  4. Look for investment platforms offering copy trading or staking to maximize gains. But make sure they focus on risk management and security.
  5. Stay up-to-date with trends and news that could impact your investments. The crypto market moves very quickly, so constant monitoring is a must.

Q: Thank you for your time today. Is there anything else you would like to add? 

A: You’re welcome. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce GlobalStocksTrades. We invite anyone interested to visit our website to learn more about our innovative platform and solutions for digital asset investing. Our team looks forward to working with new clients and continuing to push boundaries in this exciting industry.

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