Invoys and KUNA Pay Forge Pioneering Partnership to Fuse Crypto Payments with Invoicing

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – 12/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In an era where the digital transformation of financial transactions is not just an option but a necessity, Invoys, a trailblazer in the financial technology sector, and KUNA Pay, a leader in the realm of cryptocurrency payments, have embarked on a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration is set to redefine the dynamics of business transactions by integrating sophisticated crypto payment solutions into the invoicing process, heralding a new age of convenience and security for businesses worldwide.

The synergy between Invoys and KUNA Pay introduces an innovative approach to financial dealings, merging the traditional world of invoicing with the cutting-edge domain of cryptocurrency. This integration facilitates a seamless transaction process, allowing businesses to receive payments in digital currencies directly through unique invoice links. This method not only streamlines the payment process but also propels businesses into the future, enabling them to adopt digital currencies for transactions confidently.

Through this collaborative effort, a novel payment infrastructure has been unveiled, where customers can access and settle their invoices using cryptocurrencies with unprecedented ease. These invoice links, embellished with detailed billing information, due dates, and terms of payment, now feature integrated crypto payment options, providing a secure and straightforward avenue for financial transactions. This digital innovation transcends the conventional invoicing methods, offering an enhanced user experience that simplifies viewing and payment processes, thereby optimizing the efficiency of business operations.

In the pursuit of redefining the invoicing and payment landscape, the partnership places a strong emphasis on the security and reliability of crypto transactions. Invoys and KUNA Pay are committed to safeguarding the financial transactions of their clients through the implementation of state-of-the-art security measures. This encompasses a comprehensive suite of security features, including two-factor authentication, sophisticated anti-fraud tools, and continuous monitoring to mitigate potential security risks.

Oleg Stukalov, CEO of Invoys, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with KUNA Pay represents a significant leap forward in our mission to innovate and cater to the evolving needs of our clients. By integrating cutting-edge crypto payment solutions into our invoicing platform, we are empowering businesses with unprecedented flexibility and control over their financial transactions.”

Echoing this sentiment, Semen Kaploushenko, CBDO at KUNA Pay, remarked, “Our collaboration with Invoys is a pivotal step towards achieving our vision of establishing comprehensive crypto banking solutions for businesses across Europe. We are constantly enhancing our product to deliver unparalleled value to our users, and our partnership with Invoys is a testament to our commitment to excellence.”

Invoys stands at the forefront of financial technology innovation, offering a plethora of services designed to streamline the invoicing process for SMEs, corporates, and accounting and ERP vendors. With its advanced platform, Invoys facilitates direct connections to various business systems, enabling real-time, bidirectional exchange of invoice data, thus revolutionizing the way businesses manage their financial transactions.

KUNA Pay, on the other hand, is shaping the future of digital banking with its comprehensive crypto banking platform. Dedicated to the ethos of financial freedom without borders, KUNA Pay empowers B2B businesses to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency into their payment portfolios, enhancing their appeal to the growing segment of crypto-savvy consumers.


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