KardiaChain Marks 5 Years of Blockchain Innovation with Major Upgrades on the Horizon

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM – Dec 21, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – KardiaChain, a pioneering force in the blockchain sphere, is celebrating its fifth anniversary marked by groundbreaking achievements across multiple industries and ambitious plans to further the mass adoption of blockchain technology globally.

Over the past five years, KardiaChain has steadily built up blockchain infrastructure now powering a series of high-profile projects. This includes Raramuri, an innovative metaverse application for sports that recently ranked as a top trending app. It combines blockchain technology with features catering to both organizers and enthusiasts.

Another success story is Ortho, KardiaChain’s foray into fashion and Vietnam’s first web3 fashion house. Ortho made waves by collaborating with famed designer Le Thanh Hoa on a pioneering virtual fashion show. This year, Ortho unveiled two collections integrating state-of-the-art blockchain tech into wearable fashion.

Beyond these verticals, KardiaChain is collaborating with gaming leaders like Brototype, Onchamon, Tapebox, and Divmob on fully on-chain blockchain games poised to shake up the industry. These partnerships exemplify KardiaChain’s commitment to leveraging blockchain innovations across sectors.

Internally, KardiaChain spent years developing Kyokai, a comprehensive city management solution now being tested and launched across Vietnam. Following proven success revamping cities like Da Nang with secure digital systems, KardiaChain is gearing up to introduce Kyokai worldwide to transform how cities serve citizens.

To mark five years of meaningful progress, KardiaChain is on the cusp of a major milestone – the upcoming KyoKai Hardfork. This monumental upgrade paves the way for the next evolution of blockchain technology. In anticipation, KardiaChain is building versatile roadmaps to apply Kyokai’s capabilities to diverse business and community settings beyond cities.

At its core, Kyokai, meaning “Beyond the Boundary,” provides essential blockchain tools for non-crypto users across industries. Its focus rests firmly on creating real-world value, not just promoting blockchain concepts. With Kyokai, physical elements can seamlessly transition online through Kardiachain’s infrastructure. While Dual-Node still remains an integral innovative pillar, Kyokai represents the next generation.

KardiaChain’s expansive partner ecosystem featuring major service providers also attests to its success bridging blockchain innovation and traditional businesses to reimagine conventional models. Across Vietnam and Southeast Asia, KardiaChain is working closely with both enterprises and governance bodies to drive technology-enabled progress.

Laying the foundation for today’s achievements, KardiaChain’s pioneering Dual Node Technology enabled the simultaneous coordination of two interoperable yet independent blockchain networks while preserving ledger integrity – a significant feat of engineering. Now, KardiaChain’s technology suite is evolving into an essential backbone to connect governments and local companies to blockchain-powered tools for enhanced efficiency and automation.

As a prominent leader at the intersection of blockchain technology and real-world adoption, KardiaChain is striding into the future with ambitious goals of creating entire “phygital” economies merging physical and digital – the next evolution of society.

KardiaChain Celebrates 5 Years of Unlocking Blockchain for the Masses

On its fifth birthday, KardiaChain is commemorating meaningful headway toward its founding goal of simplifying blockchain for mainstream integration across industries and public services.

Pioneer KardiaChain Marks Half Decade of Bridging Blockchain Innovation and Adoption

Over five years, KardiaChain has steadily built bridges between blockchain capabilities and applications transforming both private and public sectors – a remarkable achievement for a young innovator paving inroads for global blockchain proliferation.

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