Lepow Launches Trade-in Program to Help Create a More Sustainable Future

New York, NY, October 22, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Lepow recently launched a program to help create a more sustainable future. Lepow is a brand famous for its portable monitors. Recently, they launched a program named “Trade In”, an eco-friendly way for their users to recycle their old monitors that have stopped working, and receive an exclusive discount code in return for purchasing a new monitor.

According to Lepow’s official website, users only have to fill in the necessary information about the monitor model, status, purchasing time, and channel, then there will automatically be an automated evaluation of the old monitor. If users regard the quota as acceptable, they only have to confirm the program and wait for a free shipping label sent to their inbox. After receiving the shipping label, users can print it and deliver the monitor to Lepow’s shipping address. Lepow staff will verify its condition within 7 days once they receive it. Once the item is accepted, an exclusive Lepow portable discount code equal to the previously appraised value will be automatically sent to the email account. The user can use the code to buy the latest Lepow monitor.

Lepow has rich product lines including Z1 Series, Z1 Gamut Series, H1 Series, and C2 Series. C2 Series 15.6-inch portable monitor makes a hit by the marketplace. Customers give positive reviews to this product through social networks and e-commerce sites.

Lepow C2 Series portable monitor has a 15.6” screen coupled with HDR technology, guaranteeing a high-quality 1920*1080 output display. This results in clear and excellent picture and video quality output. A major attraction of the monitor to customers is that it significantly reduces blue light damage, does not flicker at all and its images do not stutter.

This portable display comes with a mini DP port, a USB Type-C port and a Mini HDMI port, all of which enable easy usage with a wide range of devices. The optimized display enhances the device’s compatibility, ensuring it can be used with numerous laptops, personal computers, phones, PlayStation consoles, XBOX, and many other devices.

Lepow C2 Series portable monitor comes equipped with a foldable stand, coupled with its slim nature and lightweight design. The stand is conveniently placed at the back and can be adjusted up to 120 degrees, making it convenient for a range of occasions.

It has an inbuilt set of speakers which, together with the high quality picture output, guarantees a user an unmatchable audio-visual experience. It also has an audio jack, enabling one to enjoy audio output at their own convenience.

The portable nature of the device and the fact that it is compatible with a wide range of devices ensure that the monitor can be used in a wide range of situations. The duplicate and extended screen features facilitate simultaneous viewing, making gaming, working, researching, studying, and other operations very convenient for the user.

Whether one intends to use Lepow C2 portable monitor for work, study, multimedia, or gaming purposes, they are guaranteed to get a high-quality experience. This monitor is a must-have for anyone who desires a better display quality.

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