MEDRUX Announces Focus on Supplying Heavy Duty Disposable Industrial Gloves

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Recently, MEDRUX, the leading company in the manufacture of quality gloves medical equipment, has announced focus on supplying heavy duty disposable industrial gloves. Worldwide usage of industrial gloves increases, and demand is high. The costs and availability as well as durability can come into question when dealing with an international community and many industries. Quantity orders are usually needed that will have appeal in many countries and distributorships can vary not only in cost but in selection.

With these facts in mind, MEDRUX has made the selection of latex and nitrile gloves and the costs of the gloves most appealing to more industries and usages than most other companies worldwide.

Based on the current demand, MEDRUX has been pressured by its distributors to focus on supplying Heavy Duty Nitrile gloves as it’s needed in the industrial sector.

Any business owner in the automotive, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing does depend on a company such as MEDRUX to service their needs and make suggestions as to the type of gloves that are needed. With that thought in mind, MEDRUX has made available a chat line, phone line, and email for inquiries before purchase.

MEDRUX also promises faster lead time compared to its competitors, so that no service or health care business is left without a supply of the all purpose gloves needed. Medical and dental providers depend upon sterile and continuing supplies of nitrile and latex gloves. There is also a need for some in the powdered variety which many businesses prefer.

To keep clients and even visitors to the website informed, MEDRUX also provides a huge selection of reading materials on their blogs, which can assist in choice of gloves. Good information is always the key to choosing the proper sanitary glove type.

Puncture resistant gloves are especially a concern amongst medical and dental clients as any small puncture in a glove can cause immediate puncture of the skin and the exposure to microorganisms. TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) gloves are of course, not recommended for dental or medical professionals as they are thinner, even though cheaper. These, however, can be used more safely in food service industries as a punctured glove can just be thrown away and only exposure to food occurs.

Very dense, thick gloves can be needed for industrial applications such as automotive and manufacturing. The ability to combine the proper flexibility of a glove with the safety necessary of a glove makes MEDRUX a premium provider internationally. Years of development and research into the safety of gloves has given this company the edge over competitors. All gloves that are manufactured are put through a thorough testing and approval process before being shipped out so that no gloves arrive damaged or unusable.

Since many individuals are also allergic to latex, and some chemicals in latex and nitrile gloves, as well as the vinyl ones, can cause allergic reactions, it is the wisest choice to contact MEDRUX if new to the field of purchasing gloves for any field of work. Distributorships of the gloves are also offered and can help those seeking additional streams of income in increasing their offerings to all types of fields.

Combination purchases can also be made depending upon quantity as some fields do require more than one type of glove depending upon allergies and materials as well as flexibility and durability.

The demands for quality latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves are long known and will continue. Using MEDRUX as a supplier will ensure quality and timeliness of delivery worldwide. Questions are always answered promptly and consultations available immediately. Purchasing the correct types of sterile gloves is imperative and MEDRUX stands ready to assist anyone that contacts them.

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