METAMARKET and EPOWERS Collaborate to Launch the World’s First Exclusive Electric Bicycle NFTs

By purchasing eBike NFTs which are worth shares, metaverse enthusiasts can claim a high-value stake in this futuristic enterprise

Budapest, Hungary,  June 03,  2022 – (SEAPRWire) – METAMARKET and EPOWERS plan to develop and launch a revolutionary e-bike NFT project. For many years, EPOWERS’ motor has inspired the rapid development of e-bikes across the world; and can now go mainstream by advancing into the metaverse and blockchain.

This collaboration is founded on creative innovation and cutting-edge technology that seeks to establish entertaining races for e-bikes and valuable NFTs for metaverse enthusiasts. Its major aim will be to pool together significant digital investment that transcends not just the metaverse, but also becomes valuable in the real world.

As MetaReverse, a decentralized reserve currency platform empowering NFT, metaverse and GameFi, takes lead of this project; it continues to engineer new frontiers on the blockchain. The team will mint digital NFTs that feature the proprietary EPOWERS bike design, encouraging investors from around the world to work together to revolutionize the world of biking and blockchain.

“Our team will continue our efforts to bring more partnership with sports brand to MetaMarket and world-renowned athletes’ NFTs will be featured as well. We do have the capabilities, capacity and financial strength to develop the metaverse, we see this as essential because it is a race, and we want to win,” Oliver Maratos (Oli), the Chief Executive Officer of MetaReserve, commented. “With the concept of what we’re building, bringing innovations, P2E bike race, a virtual world to meet some of your favorite brands and sportsmen. It is going to be exciting.”

EPOWERS, a cutting-edge e-bike company, has always paved the way for e-bike development. Leveraging on 10 years of production, the company seeks to develop the fastest electric bike racing in the world, with MetaMarket’s support. As such, this project will make use of decentralized finance (DeFi) investments made by exclusive investors to fund the vision of developing e-bike racing and compelling NFTs.

“It’s super exciting to see how our community with all cycling enthusiasts has transferred our real-world passion to the next level,” Stefano Varjas, the Hungarian founder of EPOWERS, said in a statement. “This NFT collection gives collectors a place to meet virtually and in real life, talking about a common passion and in a global community.”

Currently, a supply of 3,120 EPOWERS NFTs is up for sale, with definitive numbers assigned to different tiers of exclusivity. A total of 100 NFTs will be allocated to the platinum bike series, 300 NFTS for the gold bike series, and 2720 NFTs for the silver bike series. All buyers of these NFTS will be allocated shares of EPOWERS, a free ticket to the E-bikeGP race and/or a free EPOWERS bike, based on their level of investment. These NFTs are priced between $250 and $3200 BUSD.

More importantly, is EPOWERS’ impressive commitment to establishing consistency in the global competitiveness within motorsports, as there is some evidence that motorized doping occurred at the Tour de France. Stefano shared his concerns with Bikeradar, stating he may have unknowingly sold his motorized bicycles to professional cyclists. As a result, EPOWERS and MetaMarket deem it necessary to create a more exhilarating electric bicycle racing contest where racers can prove their skills through stamina and technological power.

Without doubt, the MetaMarket and EPOWERS’ collaboration seems to be on the right path. In fact, it could very well be a revolutionary project for the metaverse and NFTs in general.

Created in 2014, an NFT is essentially a digital asset with uniquely coded information on a cryptocurrency blockchain. Each NFT is unique and cannot be digitally duplicated on the blockchain. Between $10 and $20 million in NFTs are traded each week. Annual revenue from NFTs is estimated to be over $250 million. The eBike industry is also estimated to be worth over $16 billion.

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