MHI Aircon Singapore Launches New Aircon Service to Meet Growing Demand

Singapore – A leading air conditioning company in Singapore, MHI Aircon, has just launched a new service with the goal of meeting increasing customer demands for high quality and efficient air-conditioning systems. The new services includes installation of AC units that can be used in any room or home office during hot days when there is a need to cool the entire home or office building, or simply one room.  “Singaporean customers are increasingly demanding more from their cooling system,” said Johnathan Ng, Marketing Manager at MHI Aircon Singapore, “This means we have to keep up with what they want and provide them with cutting edge technology.”

With this recent launch, it will ensure that consumers and businesses have access to Mitsubishi air conditioning units that boast high energy efficiency ratings and quiet operation, enabling them to save money while enjoying cool air. With human sensors, the units can detect human motion and inhibit air conditioning usage when the room is not occupied. The new units are quieter than an average conversation and can be installed according to the client’s needs and requirements. The units use fuzzy logic algorithms, which help determine optimal operating mode, temperature, and inverter frequency.

The company will be using this new aircon technology and equipment in Singapore to improve efficiency and provide better customer service for their clients. This includes ensuring that every client is satisfied with the AC installation and making sure it’s properly installed and running before leaving.  MHI Aircon wants customers in Singapore to feel confident when they invest in an air-conditioning system from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. It’s not just about having great products but also knowing how to get them installed right and making sure they are efficient.

In addition to providing aircon servicing and maintenance on existing units, MHI Aircon’s new units also include auto flap mode and eco operation, which enables the unit to select the optimal angle for airflow while monitoring room temperature and humidity to provide a pleasant work environment.

Along with meeting all the requirements of the government and industry standards, this process ensures that whether working from a home office or within an office building in the CBD, customers will enjoy superior air quality and comfort throughout their working day.

MHI Aircon is a leading air conditioning sales and service provider in Singapore. Launching its new air con servicing and installation services allows them to provide consumers and businesses with more than just aircon cleaning and repair. The company offers an extensive range of professional services to help address all your cooling needs. Whether you want to install a new AC system or need repairs for your existing one, they have the right solution for you.   For more information on their air conditioning services visit

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