MODENA Introduces Solutions Planning to Build the World

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, September 23, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Building on a series of successes in Asia-Pacific, the company that started as a home technology brand is designing the world’s first energy-focused ecosystem, beginning by launching its solar and battery-powered solutions for the home and city.

Global consumer electronics brand MODENA has big visions for the future of our shared home. As climate and energy challenges rank highest on the global issues ladder, MODENA is on course to tackle them, one continent at a time.

A Commitment for the Better Across Continents

Over in Australia and New Zealand, MODENA has partnered with Tempo Group, the region’s leading distributor of appliances, to bring its SolarPad and PowerPad to the market. The collaboration sees the two companies working hand in hand to kickstart a campaign educating retailers and homebuilders about the importance of switching to cleaner, greener solar panels and home batteries over conventional energy.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, MODENA has partnered with several manufacturing and distribution giants, like Al-Futtaim Group of the United Arab Emirates and G42 for the GCC and beyond, to widen its reach and penetrate one of the world’s most dynamic markets with its eco-minded solutions.

“Our foundation lies on establishing solid relationships with strong names in each region to ensure that MODENA can expand its portfolio of products from Home Appliances, Tech, Renewable Energy, Battery Storage, Mobility and Smart City Solutions,” Michael Jizhar, Executive Vice President of MODENA.

Yet perhaps more importantly, on top of establishing strategic partnerships, MODENA has also put their cutting-edge green technologies free of charge in several rural areas across Asia and Africa, a testament to the fact that its commitment to a better world goes further than the commercial.

Ushering an Era of Energy Independence

As a long-time leader in the consumer electronics industry, MODENA is more than aware of the massive energy consumption needed daily to simplify the flow of modern living. With its energy-focused ecosystem, the brand aims to give new energy a run for its money, pushing existing boundaries and re-imagining energy’s relationship to our everyday lives. Energy is, ultimately, the final piece of MODENA’s vision for the future of the home.

In addition to the SolarPad, the brand’s flagship solar system, MODENA also provides a complete line of solar solutions, including the SolarPure, a completely tankless water heating system with direct power from the sun, SolarRoof, photovoltaic tiles that will turn any home, business, or industry into a completely sustainable structure, and the PowerPad, a smart home battery solution capable of powering homes at all hours of the day independent of the grid. The full range is offered at affordable price points, through the combination of flexible component sourcing, agile manufacturing strategy, and smart logistics solutions, to keep them accessible for everyone and encourage widespread adoption.

Beyond Energy: A Vision of Mobility and Smart Cities

Completing its mission to build an energy-focused ecosystem, MODENA is also re-envisioning the way we move and the way we live in society through its Mobility and Smart City initiatives. Under the leadership of Michael Jizhar, MODENA has begun its expansion into the Mobility sector, beginning with the launch of their own personal mobility solution, The Board, which will be followed by an aggressive venture into Electric Vehicles, through EV Conversion and fully-automated Electric Cars.

Finally, through their extensive work in R&D and infrastructural development, MODENA is currently working to implement its Seamless City program across continents, with pilot projects in Indonesia, Egypt, Australia, and Abu Dhabi. A city fully empowered by a sustainable energy system and made more sophisticated by smart amenities. The PowerTube, a commercial version of the PowerPad, is currently more than ready to serve cities everywhere in the world, while SolarBeam, provides the future of green lighting system that will keep public spaces cleaner, greener, and safer than before.


MODENA is a global consumer electronics company founded by Tomas Jizhar. MODENA aims to pioneer smart city technologies where everyone can benefit from clean energy, clean water and clean air. The MODENA organization is built on establishing flourishing partnerships in all regions, therefore helping the company to expand upon its vision and increase their offerings from home appliances, renewable energy, battery storage, smart city solutions, and beyond.

Only time will tell how MODENA’s vision impacts the future of the world.

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