Nano Labs Completed Another Round of Equity Financing Raising Tens of Millions of US

George Town, Cayman Islands / October 29, 2021 / Nano Labs Ltd, chip designer firm, completed another round of equity financing raising tens of millions of US. This round of financing was led by Yongwan Capital, followed by Hashkey and several other investors.

Nano Labs is committed to provid infrastructure solutions for Metaverse. The company develops high-efficiency memory chips, high-performance computing chips, and distributed computing solutions. Those products can be applied to data centers, supercomputing, AI, and other fields. The company verified HBM2D memory technology and developed its unique storage-computing integrated FPU chip architecture in 2019 and successfully mass-produced Cuckoo 1.0 chips in 2020.

Currently, the company continues to evolve and expand, provides high-bandwidth, high-performance dedicated processor chips and solutions for modular computing, core networks, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and video encoding and decoding to build a Metaverse ecosystem.

Through this round of financing, Nano Labs hopes to derive new product lines for Metaverse. Under the current trend of rapid evolution from the traditional world to intelligence and digitization, Nano Labs will continue to help Metaverse with its accumulated profound industry insights and professional technical capabilities.

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