Nargilem’s Crypto Odyssey: Unveiling the Revolutionary Huqqa World Token

Istanbul, Turkey – 30/01/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a groundbreaking move, Nargilem, a venerable entity with an illustrious 20-year legacy in the hookah industry, has unveiled its foray into the realm of cryptocurrencies with the introduction of the Huqqa World Token (HWT). This strategic integration harnesses the dynamism of Nargilem’s crypto-savvy community to bring forth a deflationary token, poised to reshape the market by synergizing with the flourishing hookah industry and the brand’s unwavering influence.

Positioned as the inaugural token backed by tangible soil and tobacco, HWT embodies the essence of Nargilem, a well-established brand renowned for its significant footprint in the hookah sector. With a monthly production exceeding 20,000 kg of tobacco, translating into the sale of over 100,000 tobacco cans globally, the company endeavors to democratize the tobacco industry through the innovative HWT token, opening avenues for anyone willing to partake in this transformative venture.

In the near future, HWT is set to orchestrate an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as a pivotal step to garner additional funds for the project, intending to make waves in the crypto space. Fueled by an advanced smart contract, HWT’s ICO promises a seamless and transparent payment mechanism, capitalizing on the transformative potential of blockchain technology. The ICO unfolds a spectrum of advantages, as articulated by HWT representatives.

Beyond the infusion of funds, the ICO serves as a conduit for HWT to onboard participants from diverse regions, incentivizing them to champion Huqqa World Token products through franchise shops. The tokens, post-ICO, will be tradable on various exchanges, enhancing liquidity. Moreover, participants can liquidate their positions akin to holding shares in a publicly listed company.

HWT, adopting the ERC-20 standard, employs a deflationary mechanism with a burning feature designed to curtail the token supply. This heightened scarcity is anticipated to underpin the token’s long-term value, presenting a boon for token holders.

Capped at a maximum supply of 10,000,000 HWT, the token’s distribution is outlined as follows:

60% earmarked for sale (divided into private sale and crowdsale)

20% allocated to the development team

10% designated for partners

5% earmarked for bounty airdrops

3% allocated to advisors

2% dedicated to charity

Each transaction, be it a buy or sell, will incur a 2% fee for charitable contributions.

Prospective investors eyeing the private sale must commit to purchasing tokens worth a minimum of $10,000, with the HWT token priced at $2. The crowdsale, following the conclusion of the private sale, will list HWT at $2.20 per token. Distribution of tokens will be immediate post-ICO, and all investors are required to undergo KYC (Know Your Customer) verification to facilitate token withdrawal.

About Nargilem and the Huqqa World Token

Over two decades, Nargilem has evolved into an industry pacesetter with an expansive supply chain spanning 12,000 hookah bars, 3,500 hookah stores, and collaborations with over 100 wholesalers. The company is poised to extend its operations into South America, where it plans to cultivate tobacco on a sprawling plantation covering 1,000 hectares.

HWT comprises a proficient crypto team of 10 members, boasting diverse expertise across industries and collaborating from multiple countries. The team envisions a fusion of Nargilem’s extensive know-how in the hookah industry with the boundless advantages of blockchain technology. This distinctive amalgamation is set to propel the development of the HWT token and its surrounding ecosystem.

The founder of HWT expressed the project’s aspirations, stating, “Our journey from a traditional industry giant to a crypto trailblazer represents our commitment to evolution. The fusion of our 20-year legacy with cutting-edge blockchain technology reflects our belief in the future of cryptocurrencies.”

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