Orange Domains: Pioneering a Unified Web3 and Traditional Internet Experience

NEW YORK, NY – 06/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) –¬†In an innovative stride towards integrating the traditional internet with the burgeoning Web3 sphere, a collaborative venture spearheaded by Trust Machines in partnership with Tucows and Hiro Systems has given birth to Orange Domains. This new entity is set to revolutionize the way users interact with the digital world by melding the reliability and familiarity of the Domain Name System (DNS) with the cutting-edge potential of Bitcoin’s Web3 applications. By fostering a seamless transition between these two realms, Orange Domains aims to make the future of digital identity and online interaction accessible to all.

Orange Domains: A Beacon for Digital Identity in the Web3 Era

The inception of Orange Domains marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital identities. As we stand on the cusp of a new era, the initiative seeks to dismantle the barriers that have traditionally segregated the domain of blockchain technologies and the wider internet. By leveraging the Bitcoin Name System (BNS), Orange Domains is not just expanding the horizons of decentralized apps but is also pioneering the development of new top-level domain (TLD) services. These services are designed to forge a direct link between the DNS and Web3 digital identities, thereby paving the way for a unified digital experience.

Bridging the Gap: Orange Domains’ Vision for a Seamless Web3 Integration

The digital landscape is currently fragmented, with the DNS operating independently of the modern blockchain frameworks that underpin Web3 technologies. This disjointedness has necessitated the use of additional software and the completion of cumbersome multi-step processes for users wishing to access simple Web3 functionalities. Orange Domains is set to change this narrative by directly connecting the DNS with the BNS, all under the robust infrastructure provided by Bitcoin layers. This integration means that Web3 domains will not only serve as digital identities but will also function akin to NFTs, unlocking equivalent domains for everyday internet usage. From building websites to securing digital assets like finances, art, and contracts, Orange Domains envisions a single-domain solution on the blockchain for a myriad of online activities.

Strategic Partnerships Fueling the Vision

The journey of Orange Domains is bolstered by strategic partnerships with industry stalwarts. Tucows, a giant in the DNS and web registry arena, brings to the table its vast knowledge and strategic insights, ensuring that Orange Domains’ infrastructure is both robust and far-reaching. Hiro Systems, renowned for its developer tooling prowess within the Bitcoin ecosystem, contributes its domain expertise in crafting Bitcoin smart contracts, digital assets, and decentralized applications. At the helm, Trust Machines leverages its in-depth understanding of the Bitcoin landscape to spearhead the development and market introduction strategies for Orange Domains.

Leadership Insights: Charting the Future of Web3 and Digital Identity

The leadership teams at Tucows, Hiro Systems, and Trust Machines share a unified vision for the transformative potential of Orange Domains. Dave Woroch, CEO of Tucows Domains, highlighted the project’s significance in setting a new industry benchmark for the convergence of domain names, identity, and Web3. Muneeb Ali, CEO and co-founder of Trust Machines, and Alex Miller, CEO of Hiro Systems, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the strategic importance of established industry leaders coming together to pioneer the Web3 space on the Bitcoin platform.

Orange Domains stands at the forefront of a growing movement aimed at enhancing the utility and accessibility of the Bitcoin blockchain network. With over 312,000 digital identities already registered organically within the BNS namespace, the initiative is poised to be a game-changer in expanding the Bitcoin application economy and enriching the Web3 ecosystem.

For those intrigued by the limitless potential of Web3 technology and eager to be part of a community shaping the future of decentralized innovation, Orange Domains invites you to explore the possibilities at

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