Announces Comprehensive Portal for Holistic Upkeep of Income Records

Baton Rouge, LA – PayStubCreator, the premier payroll platform that simplifies the payroll and benefits process for small businesses and their employees, announced today that it has launched a comprehensive portal for holistic upkeep of income records. The portal, which is available to all Paystub users, will allow its users to store and organize their income and expense records in one place.

The new portal is an easy and secure way for our users to track and manage their income and expenses. One major benefit of the new portal is that it will enable our customers to access all their income-related records from one place.

This means that you do not just have a record of every time that you have been paid, but also a status on any taxes that have been deducted, any social security payments made, and even any shares in pension funds you might have. Think of this as your digital check stub maker.

In an era when technology plays a key role in boosting productivity, keeping track of expenses and incomes has become a mandatory activity in every business. This is where stub maker comes into play. It can be accessed from desktops or mobile devices and supports integration with popular software such as Google spreadsheets, Quickbooks and Excel.

It can also export data in a CSV format for import in other applications. The comprehensive portal was built with the idea of providing a one-stop solution for all your financial records in a single interface. This will help in the better management of miscellaneous work in businesses. And the best part is that it is free for use by anyone.

The newly debuted tool is set to reduce the pains taken by employers in setting out the employee data and make it readily available for their consumption. The same is beneficial for record-keeping and helps maintain compliance and timely issue of the periodical payment slip to their employees. As a one-time exercise, an employer needs to upload the employee database, and after that, they can generate and send the payslips to their employees with no additional time. Being quick is what makes this tool stand apart from its competitors.

The tool also features advanced analytics for trend analysis of pay averages about hourly, daily, monthly, or any other period on an employer’s choice. All these features are made available with a single click. The tool’s analytics are developed keeping in mind the employers who don’t have a solid grasp of their payroll management policies.

To ensure user data confidentiality and integrity, all the shared data and communication channels are completely encrypted using SSL/TLS. The Website uses 256-bit encryption, which is the industry standard for card transactions. The Company has an ongoing obligation to improve the security of its platform and is working closely with Industry giants to do so.

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