Primex Brings Non-Custodial Margin Trading to Ethereum’s Vast DeFi Ecosystem

NEW YORK, NY – 03/01/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – As decentralized finance (DeFi) expands across multiple chains, Primex Finance has deployed its non-custodial margin trading protocol onto Ethereum, opening access to the largest DeFi user base. This marks a major milestone for Primex, complementing its presence on Polygon and Arbitrum with a foothold in crypto’s most established blockchain ecosystem.

Primex facilitates leveraged trading by connecting borrowers and lenders, all while keeping assets under users’ control. Traders borrow from specialized Credit Buckets to amplify their positions, while lenders earn attractive yields by supplying liquidity to these margin pools. Execution remains decentralized end-to-end via keeper bots handling limit orders and liquidations.

By harnessing Ethereum’s liquidity and security, Primex offers enhanced flexibility and opportunities. Traders gain more asset options and interfacing tools to customize leverage strategies. Meanwhile, lenders can calibrate their risk exposure across a deeper lending market. Primex also inherits the decentralization and credibility of the Ethereum network.

This expansion comes as Primex commences a new Liquidity Mining phase. With new Buckets introducing liquidity pools and margin pairs, rewards await liquidity providers and traders for participating. Primex also offers referral rewards and NFTs to grow its community in the crucial Ethereum market.

Primex represents a rising trend of cross-chain interoperability in DeFi. By operating across multiple networks, Primex can aggregate liquidity and users to build a truly unified margin trading ecosystem. Ethereum’s central position makes it vital for achieving this vision. As DeFi expands across chains, flexible protocols like Primex that enhance traders’ options and opportunities will increasingly become the norm.

While embracing multi-chain growth, Primex stays focused on its core mission – opening leveraged trading access for all through a decentralized, non-custodial model. By blending the benefits of centralized exchange features with the security of decentralization, Primex unlocks a new paradigm for how traders can maximize positions without surrendering control. Its journey now expands across the most vibrant centers of decentralized finance, starting with Ethereum.

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Anton Demenko
Primex Finance

SOURCE: Primex Finance

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