Purplefi Announces Tokenized Real World Assets

NEW YORK, NY, December 05, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Purplefi Announces tokenized real world assets & Enabled by blockchain technology, we make investments available to individual investors using tokenization. The technology helps us remove barriers to entry and enables eligible individuals to have more control over the investments they own.

Tokenization is a method for converting real-world assets into digital tokens. These digital tokens are created and controlled by smart contracts. These contracts are based on lines of code that are executed on the blockchain network. They offer transparency, accuracy, and efficiency to investors.

Assets such as real estate, gold, and commodities can be traded securely without an intermediary. Investing in such assets is a stable way to protect the value of your investments and minimize volatility. Tokenized real world assets can open up new markets for previously frozen or underutilized assets. They also offer new opportunities to small participants in the market.

Asset tokenization

Asset tokenization is an alternative to traditional fundraising. Instead of using private investors, the blockchain allows you to make a token with an immutable record of ownership. Tokenization also reduces transaction costs and administrative burden. Automated settlement and clearance enable transactions to be completed within a few seconds. This type of management allows for market efficiency and optimizes the exchange of goods and services.

By creating a digital investment solution that offers the kind of user experience we believe today’s modern consumer demands, our all-star team is passionate about opening up opportunities globally to all users.

The need of Purplefi.io – Traditional market offerings are profit based for company, while all users are contributors towards the platform with a web 3.0 shift, contributors now are automatically data owners where token holders are all part owners of the platform and vote on the direction where it be dividend payments, manage financial operations, decentralize governance to the community and investment choices and the way forward for our platform.

Tokenized World Assets

If you are interested in starting a business with tokenized world assets, there are several things to consider before diving in. First, determine what type of asset you want to tokenize. It’s important to pick a commodity with a substantial market, so that you’ll be able to determine a price range for your tokens. Another important thing to consider is your future business model. This means thinking about how to make money, how to finance it, and how to grow your client base.

The concept behind Tokenized World Assets (TWAs) is to create an immutable record of ownership embedded within a token. This immutability enables automated smart contracts and automated settlement of transactions, reducing transaction fees and administrative burden. These smart contracts enable send-and-receive transactions that take only seconds to complete. These technologies are intended to boost market efficiency and optimize the exchange of goods and services.

The benefits of asset tokenization include easier access for retail investors. They can invest small amounts and diversify their portfolios. In the past, it would be very difficult to invest $10,000 into a property, and the process involved would cost a lot of time and money. Asset tokenization also increases the liquidity of a certain asset.

Fractional investing through a one-step digital process of tokenization.

  1. Explore real world assets
    Investments ranging from real-estate, content makers, warehouses, renewables and established profitable companies.
  2. Select an investment
    Throughout the categories and choose an investment suitable for your goals.
  3. Choose an amount to invest
    Select how many tokens you like to buy – the token itself is a digital representation of the shares you have in the investment – rather than an old paper certificate.
  4. Confirm and Approved
    You are now a stakeholder in a high-flying start up or established business with quarter- to-quarter revenues.
  5. Portfolio Management
    Access your portfolio on your dashboard – In the future we will be doing a p2p market to sell not-yet-matured investments to be able to exit whenever you want.

Why Purple?

Experienced partners with real-world asset portfolios and reputable track records.

$100+ million in Asset Under Management 56% Positive Quarterly Asset Growth

Recognized Industry Leaders

Track record with multinational financial institutions

Proven Machine Learning Strategy

Utilizing AI to leverage returns from global markets

Privacy Choices

Compliance and AML, counter-terrorism acts relies on KYC, in Decentralized models we enable a very minimal non-invasive guidelines. Investors have the choice to be well-known and transparent as well as being private and anonymous.


No single centralized institution and numerous intermediaries – Local investors wanting to gain exposure and invest in high growth emerging economies such as China will be instant without all the admin work with contracts, local regulations, remittances and knowledge.

You are now a stakeholder in a high-flying start up or established business with quarter- to-quarter revenues.

Portfolio Management

Access your portfolio on your dashboard – In the future we will be doing a p2p market to sell not-yet-matured investments to be able to exit whenever you want.

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